[network] Shuangseqiu 16130th CLS Kennedy Kennedy cross cross walk method: fixed to go urn matrix 8 abscissa number 14 – 21 for the X axis, 1 — 9 mantissa is 9 vertical coordinates of the Y axis, and Y axis (9) for 1 mantissa (black and white) hit the ball number, as the original point. Then, according to the Pyramid rules the other remaining number one by one arrangement of 4 areas x, Y axis formed by digital fill work. According to the unique step array array mode, analyzing and judging from the number of cold, hot and cold, mysterious area code, mantissa angles. 2016129 stages: stage 050608213133201613: first, the prize number   (by force analysis; regional center by a rotational force of the inverse) area: the area out of the 1 award number 06, the role of trajectory development value 0307 II area: the area out of the 2 award number 0508, number 02091015 at 3 District Development: the role of trajectory out of the 0 district award number, no effect the development path of IV District: the District opened 3 award number 213133, two, 202630 are optimistic about the development path of action hero Gold code according to the analysis of the mysterious watch award number 0506 in a line from the horizontal, separated by number, adjacent number 0407 see award number 0633 in a line from the vertical apart, number 11182530, number 03, three adjacent gold Kennedy cold code analysis can be seen from the graph, the two sides will Y axis well-matched in strength. Coordinate 09 is black as mantissa, hit the origin, ready for the attack on the 1 Award no.. According to the figure can be seen for 01 more independent, line number most vulnerable to attack, defense, Jin Yinghao four 11122429 key array analysis of the distribution of the number of mantissa award, this time the ball number of white power attack by the black side of the stubborn resistance, change the original white line, so that the two sides had obvious change so the recent situation, the white troops may continue to fight against the black, black will also have to deal with, so the Y axis of the mantissa coordinates of the 010208 will be the focus of the defense object, so the mantissa 128 can be used as priority among priorities in a ball. The operation according to the figure number (18) 0102050608101214 1618192021242930 3133 selected number (10 goals) 0105081014182029 3033 [华彩网]双色球第16130期英豪十字走阵法   英豪十字金塔走阵法说明:固定以号码14―21为x轴的8个横坐标,1――9个尾数为y轴的9个竖坐标点,并以y轴坐标尾数1 (9)为黑(白)球号 ,作为击撞原点。之后,按照一定的金字塔规律将其他剩余的号码进行一一的排列,对x、y轴所组成的4个区完成数字填补工作。按照独特的步阵解阵方式,从区域冷热、玄数、冷码、尾数几个角度进行分析和判断。   2016129期:05 06 08 21 31 33   2016130期:   一、奖号作用力分析  (按区域以中心受逆时旋转力作用)   Ⅰ区:本区开出1奖号06, 作用轨迹发展看好03 07   Ⅱ区:本区开出2奖号05 08,作用轨迹发展看好号码02 09 10 15   Ⅲ区:本区开出0奖号,无作用轨迹发展   Ⅳ区:本区开出3奖号21 31 33,作用轨迹发展看好20 26 30   二、金英豪玄码分析   根据图示:   从横向看奖号05 06在一条线上,相隔号码无,相邻号码04 07   从竖向看奖号06 33在一条线上,相隔号码11 18 25 30,相邻号码03   三、金英豪冷码分析   由图可见,本期双方势均力敌,将Y轴坐标尾数09为黑球号,作为击撞原点,准备对1个奖号进行进攻。根据整个图上可看出奖号01较为独立,直线上号码最易进攻,重点防守11 12 24 29   四、金英豪尾数布阵分析   此次奖号分布显示,本期的出球号码白方力量进攻遭到黑方的顽强抵抗,改变白方原有的路线,从而使双方局面发生了明显变化,所以近期白方兵力可能会继续向黑方进行反击,黑方也会有所应对,故y轴上的尾数坐标01 02 08将是重点防守对象,所以尾数1 2 8在出球时可作为重中之重。   本期据图操作号码(18球)   01 02 05 06 08 10 12 14 16 18 19 20 21 24 29 30 31 33   精选号码(10球)01 05 08 10 14 18 20 29 30 33相关的主题文章: