My mother 17 years old deaf teenager say goodbye to the classroom propped up a home – Beijing new network in Zhoukou in September 14, (Han Zhangyun) have been opened for half a month, but in the classroom are still down 17 year old Wu Fuyuan figure. Wu Fuyuan felt very anxious, he want to go to school, but his father in the summer suddenly ill, mother is deaf and had intermittent mental problems, originally poor families have long flower stem savings. Just two of the Wu Fuyuan had to choose to say goodbye to the classroom, take care of their parents, propped up by home. Luyi County CDPF and government staff to Wu Fuyuan’s evidence, apply for a disability certificate for his father Wu Xiaozhi and mother deaf. Hu Hongtao photo September 14th, the reporter went to Luyi People’s Hospital. Ward, Wu is kept in front of his father’s bed, bedside placed his textbook, his father when he had to seize the time to read their own books, make up the fall of homework. The 17 year old is Fuyuan Wu Liang Zhuang Xing Zheng Cun Tan Xiang, Luyi County in Henan Province Jia Wu Village, just two. Wu’s father’s right eye disability, the mother is a deaf mute. Although parents physically handicapped, but in his father Wu Xiaozhi’s efforts, one family by farming, doing odd jobs, though the day had poor but also safe. However, in July 29th this year, at noon, Wu Fuyuan home pillar collapsed without warning, father Wu Xiaozhi suffering from cerebral hemorrhage admitted to the Luyi People’s Hospital. Because the parents are not in good health, family conditions are not good. Didn’t expect my father suddenly fell ill, I put the summer earn 1500 dollars plus home savings to the hospital is only more than 7 thousand, this time my dad had spent 13 thousand dollars, or more than 5 thousand owed the hospital medical expenses. The doctor said that at least thirty thousand dollars in late rehabilitation." Speaking of his family, Wu Fuyuan was incapable of action, he even thought about dropping out of school to go to work in the field, early to carry the burden of the family, but he was reluctant to school. Wu Fuyuan’s family is very poor, all kinds of awards the best home decor is to get Fuyuan wu. Hu Hongtao photo reporter learned that Wu’s family is not easy. Father Wu Xiaozhi right eye due to disability, 53 years old and deaf Fu Yuan mother married, gave birth to Fuyuan Wu, one family rely on the sale of live sheep to maintain family life. In the eyes of Xiaoyu neighbors Wu, Wu Fuyuan childhood is sensible and well behaved, lovable. "From the park to learn good, sensible. There are children bullying his deaf mother, he can endure it on the forbearance, but also do not argue with others. He caught 545 examinations, which can be a county high school, but he has to take care of home to parents, on the choice of nearly third of the county school in the home." Wu Xiaoyu told reporters, from Fu Yuan started high school, he was a pillar of the family. The parents of their own upbringing, Wu Fuyuan also keep in mind. My mother when I was a child, it is difficult to communicate with me, when I was ten years old, my mother was suffering from mental illness, because the lack of nutrition at home, home to eat delicious to me, mom and dad are very thin." Fu Park told reporters that his father was hospitalized in the hospital, his mother a person at home, he was very afraid of the spirit of abnormal mother lost, more afraid of losing money because of loss of treatment相关的主题文章: