Arts-and-Entertainment My joy is a drama story of a never ending violence and cruelty of power in Ukraine. There are mens that freshly felt this brutishness of the world. The first one is Georgi (Viktor Nemets) that his days in his truck appear him to be mistreats and have never ending nightmare. On his way to work, he always encounters the everyday craziness of his country that loses his wellness and also his memory. To know on what the powerful people in their country did to men, watch My Joy movie. In Georgis latest delivery he didnt expect it to be a bad journey for him and a human darkness too. In his way, he was annoyed by two corrupt cops who did a checkpoint. Then after the checkpoint he accidentally found an old man (Vladimir Golovin), who appears in his cab of the truck and found it mysterious so he give him a lift. For you to find on how the old man appear in his cab, watch My Joy movie online. While Georgi is driving, the old man narrates his experiences when he was still a young lieutenant (Alaexey Vertkov) bringing back battlefronts. After the old man, the openhearted Georgi got another passenger, and this time, is a minor prostitute (Olga Shuvalova), that still dont know of what really the situation of the area. She declared the truth that she cant find a friend in that place and Georgi meet a trio of vagrant. If you want to know of what kind of persons are the passengers of Georgi, download My Joy movie. In this movie you can see lots of violence, abuse of believes, and brutal doings of powerful persons like the corrupt cops Georgi encounter in the checkpoint. This very associating movie My Joy is directed and written by Sergie Loznitsa. The cast of this film gave their best to make this movie a great one. With this you can see a little cut back of the World War 2 years. If you want to see a corrupted country and the brutality to the human, download My Joy movie online. You can also see the dark part of the deep Ukraine. About the Author: HI friends I am Shane Watson here and I love to make friends. my hobbies is to play games, watch movies online and chat with my my friends. I spend lot of my time in to Watch movies free on moviesonclick… Article Published On: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: