MX BOARD 9: This is perhaps the most "non mainstream" CHERRY a keyboard – Sohu tech geeks Park micro signal: geekpark MX BOARD 9 if not to look at the bright color of the palm pad part "cherry" LOGO, you might not think, in the design has been simple, even some retro CHERRY unexpectedly also such a keyboard looks cool. In the "lamp" and "pirate ship" factory and other manufacturers around camp within the first CHERRY peripherals, make its own keyboard equipped with a MX RGB black shaft body new. I get it in the first half of the time, for CHERRY, but also have a different understanding, today to share with you about its use experience. A not so CHERRY CHERRY keyboard MX 9 size and classic G80-1865 quite get the keyboard the first feeling is: big BOARD. This is the specific size of the keyboard 500× 220× 65mm, because I use 87 keys used before the narrow border keyboard, the first impression is relatively large, but the size is CHERRY and the size before many classic styles, such as the same as the classic black G80-1865 (502× 261× 75mm). So, although in some of the small table is not easy, but as a game peripherals, MX BOARD Size 9 is appropriate (I believe that most people will see this keyboard is a game, especially palm fancier), and often for game fancier keyboard people, a long time will not feel to fatigue. Of course, there is a need to pay attention to, the palm pad part with CHERRY LOGO is part of the smooth plastic material, used for a long time will wear flowers, this is inevitable. In addition, in order to ensure the stability of the keyboard backlight power system, MX BOARD 9 is used in double USB plug auxiliary power supply design, of course, even if you only inserted USB interface mainly, the keyboard should be working (but officials do not recommend). The interface is plated with gold in order to avoid corrosion (a lot of mechanical keyboards are handled similarly). The entire USB connection line with nylon material, length of 1.8m, so do not worry about the situation is not enough. Look from the front, the Jian 108 key layout, 3 above the 14 macro keys collocation and left, the whole layout is not cramped, cap is made of ABS laser engraving cap, and before MX BOARD 6 consistent. The characteristics of ABS in my previous mechanical keyboard popular science articles and we talked about, its advantages相关的主题文章: