Pregnant women with diabetes, may make eight mistakes – Sohu maternal and child in recent years, the incidence of gestational diabetes is on the rise, so the production of pregnant mothers need to be detected when the glucose tolerance test. But some treasure mom will think it didn’t need, because of their pre pregnancy normal blood glucose, family or have diabetes, people are not fat. But the idea is completely wrong. Gestational diabetes not only affects the mother’s health, but also affect the baby oh. In addition to the above point of view, what are the misconceptions? Gestational diabetes includes two cases: one is the pregnancy patients have diabetes before pregnancy, known as gestational diabetes mellitus and pregnancy; another is found for the first time or after the onset of diabetes, called gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Myth: there is no diabetes before pregnancy, the family did not have diabetes, people are not fat, I do not need screening? High risk factors such as obesity, family history, and indeed increase the prevalence of gestational diabetes. But even if there is no risk factors for mother, because of placenta derived insulin resistance, may still occur in gestational diabetes during pregnancy; in addition, the unreasonable diet may also have diabetes, so each pregnant woman recommend screening. Misunderstanding two: in order to avoid the diagnosis of diabetes (also that sugar too difficult to drink), can drink a little sugar (including drink after spit out a part), or sneak away? Some pregnant mothers will have the above psychological. But there is a huge impact on maternal and fetal gestational diabetes, including abortion (especially pregnant in unknown cause fetal death, neonatal pulmonary dysmaturity), neonatal congenital malformation (mainly in the heart, mainly) these are in need of attention. Therefore, in order to pregnant mother and her baby is responsible for her mother to give up the idea oh. Myth three: my sugar tolerance fasting blood glucose 5.2mmol L, a little higher than the normal value of 5.1mmol L, it should not matter, right? Glucose tolerance test is a diagnostic test, all the indicators of the value of evidence-based medicine research is formulated, in fact, there is only "diabetes" and "non diabetes" conclusion. Does not exist seems to be non. So even a little higher, but also need to pay attention to. Myth four: one day, the six finger blood glucose measurement, hand pain, I can not only diet control, not monitoring? Blood sugar control is a certain range, not high, not too low. Some pregnant mothers only restraint meals intake, blood glucose may have dropped to 3.3mmol following L, dizziness, cold sweats and other conditions (i.e., hypoglycemia), severe cases can be life-threatening. In addition, inadequate dietary intake, there will be a "body" of the material, this material may affect fetal brain development! Therefore, it is necessary to monitor blood sugar, in the early days or need to measure blood glucose six times, if the blood glucose monitoring is good, can be randomly selected 2~3 the next day to monitor. Misunderstanding five: diabetes during pregnancy after blood glucose returned to normal sleep without any anxiety. Gestational diabetes mellitus (DM) is a special disease during pregnancy, and the blood glucose will automatically return to normal after delivery. But gestational diabetes is a high risk of diabetes相关的主题文章: