UnCategorized If the last night that you ever had in a girls night was when you were in the sixth grade, you are a long way off and need to update your memory. What you need to do is to turn down lights and light up candles. Add lots of pillows to your seating area which will make it cozy. If your ladies will be partying in your home, before you go to town, you can convert your living room with cosmetics, make-up brushes, scarlet’s dressing room with a mirror, perfume and basically anything that will make you feel glam. I will give the girls night a special event; you can create bags filled with goodies just for your girls, nail polish, gifts and gossip magazines. You can line all this up very neatly with a side table for a catching decoration that they are sure to appreciate. Attire In a girls night, it can be the only reason for you to be dolled up. You can invite all your guests and tell them to get ready and also to .e with extra accessories and jewelry that they can share. Since you will not be going out, you can decide to have a casual dress code. Something like jogging pants, a T-shirt or flowy skirts are just perfect for the night in. Activities Maximum girliness is what will make a girls night in to be different as .pared to the other night. You can decide to watch a DVD of your own choice on favorite TV shows or films; you can have a classic girl fare such as Thelma and Louise, Clueless or pretty woman. You can use fashion plates to hold a clothing swap. You can ask your girls, prior to the night to .e with the clothes they would want to get rid of. After which you can display the clothes and people will have to try them and if it fits them well they can trade. You can gather the remaining ones and do a donation to the charity. You can also opt to plan a beautiful evening in the girls night in by making skin treatment, like the sugar scrubs and the face marks just by using the .mon food. If one of your guests is good in make up, you can ask her if she can do it to the rest of the girls. Plan for food for your guest and most importantly know all of your audience. The food can be ac.panied with drinks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: