Manual is really the best to make? Three kinds of automatic transmission to face pops! Sohu – Sohu automobile headlamp [car] is actually a lot of people to know what the engine, turbocharged, direct fuel injection, speaking a set of. But for the car three big second important gearbox, may not be so understand. In the eyes of most people, the gearbox is a pile of gear, can turn, can be used to transfer power, on the line. As to what form, what logic, all unimportant. Today, we’ll talk about the story of a pile of gears. Let’s take a look at Baidu encyclopedia definition for gearbox for automobile: starting, idling stop, low speed or high speed, acceleration, deceleration, climb and back, which requires the car and the speed of the driving force in the considerable changes in the scope, and the piston engine is widely used in the output torque and speed small range. In order to adapt to the frequently changing driving conditions, and to make the engine work under favorable working conditions (high power and low fuel consumption), a transmission is arranged in the transmission system. People say, is a covered with a gear box, the role is as far as possible to keep the engine at any time in the best condition, improve efficiency, less oil. Today’s automatic transmission has been basically able to meet the requirements of driving pleasure, so today we mainly talk about automatic transmission. Traditional automatic transmission can be divided into three categories, one is the traditional AT is an ordinary automatic transmission, which is being used by most cars. The second category is CVT is stepless gearbox, Nissan and Audi with more features, ride fuel. The third category is the more popular in recent years, that is, DCT dual clutch gearbox, although each feature is not the same but the transmission efficiency is high and the shift speed is faster DCT characteristics. MT because there is no automatic shift mechanism, shift logic is completely dependent on the driver’s brain, so do not discuss today. As for what AMT and some relatively small minority of the gearbox, today we will not talk. Traditional AT automatic transmission AT automatic transmission, the use of planetary gear transmission mechanism, it can be based on the degree of the accelerator pedal and speed changes, automatic transmission. For the driver, just use the accelerator pedal to control the speed. At present, most of the domestic automatic transmission gear box is used in the AT gearbox. The traditional AT gearbox has the advantages of easy operation, comfortable driving, and can reduce driver fatigue. Equipped with AT transmission vehicles according to road conditions of automatic transmission torque (because of the torque converter), the driver can be absorbed in the road to monitor traffic and will not shift shoumangjiaoluan. At present, the domestic automatic transmission is more popular, although the AT automatic transmission hydraulic torque converter will improve vehicle fuel consumption of about 10%. And the current development trend of energy saving and environmental protection are back, but as the most mature technology in automatic transmission of a gear box, AT at some time in the future, AT automatic transmission still has broad development trends, market share will further increase..相关的主题文章: