Business MLM lead generation can leave you feeling like a warrior trapped in an iron suit of armor, riding a horse made of lead against a tide of teeming hordes…with no help in sight. Day after day, "trying to get more MLM leads" can feel like a losing battle, and no wonder… You have to get new MLM leads constantly or you die You only have so much money to sink into MLM lead generation You slog it out, day after day, but it’s like pulling teeth You see the guys around you all losing the same battle You feel like a "one man army" against thousands Sheesh. It’s enough to make you want to throw in your sword and javelin and give up the MLM lead fight forever, right? Well, don’t give up just yet. There may be a way to beat the MLM lead game yet – by creating an MLM lead generation "machine" that keeps generating leads (good leads, not duds) day after day…and it doesn’t have to cost you anything per lead. You just need to use your brain instead of your pocketbook. What you need to do is stop thinking of MLM lead generation as "get another batch of leads in today" and start thinking of MLM lead generation as just one piece in a much larger battle strategy. In "The Art of War" it is said that a battle can be won before it’s even started…by creating hundreds of inroads and allies in the kingdom beforehand, rather than going straight for a "frontal assault." If you apply this kind of thinking to MLM lead generation, you can see that creating inroads and allies in a strategic manner could win this battle for you secretly, without having to be on the front lines constantly. Here are 3 (of many) secret strategies you could use to build a battalion of MLM lead creation machines throughout the internet kingdom, and be generating MLM leads every day on autopilot. MLM Lead Secret Battle Strategy #1: Blog and Squeeze. You can start a blog for free, about say, MLM strategies or some other topics related to making money from home (something that targets your MLM lead market) and create MLM leads all day. How? By putting an optin or "squeeze" on your blog. If you’re blog posts are good, you’ll get targeted leads signing themselves up to learn more every day. MLM Lead Secret Battle Strategy #2: Articles That Last Forever. I know, I know: "driving traffic with articles" can seem like "boring" topic. But how about if you could write 1 article a week (or a day), put it out to the article directories with a link driving back to your MLM lead squeeze page, and get multiple MLM leads opting in on autopilot a day? Now that’s exciting. And when you realize that any article you put out there could be circulating the internet, driving MLM lead creation for you, day after day FOREVER (or as long as the internet lasts)…then, it gets really exciting. MLM Lead Secret Battle Strategy #3: Warm Up Your Leads Automatically. There’s nothing more daunting than trying to "sell" ice cold leads on MLM…yet that is what tons of people try to do with their MLM leads every day. What if you never had to talk to ice cold MLM leads again? Here’s the strategy. You do your initial MLM lead gathering as shown in strategy 1 and 2. Then, instead of hitting your MLM leads with your pitch immediately, you "warm them up" first by getting to know them and becoming friends. Now, of course you don’t have time to become friends with and "get to know" hundreds of MLM leads a day, do you? However, your autoresponder does. "My what?" If you don’t know what an email autoresponder is, and you’re in the MLM lead business, you need to get up to speed on it fast. An autoresponder allows you to begin a personal conversation the minute a new MLM lead joins your list, and continue that conversation – daily, if you want. It allows you to talk to every MLM lead "in person" and then, only after creating a trusting relationship, to approach them with your offer, either by email or phone call. Imagine how much easier your life would be if you were: . Getting MLM leads in everyday on autopilot, then . Helping them get to know you with an autoresponder …before you even approached them in person. If you’re not sure how to do some of the things above, like put an optin on your blog or write to a growing MLM lead list so that they warm up to you, just click the link below and I can help you get started. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: