Mixed arbitrage promoting regulatory upgrades a higher standard of private law is expected to inter ministerial brewing Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Mixed arbitrage promoting regulatory upgrades "higher standards of private law is expected to inter ministerial brewing newspaper reporter Livy Beijing reported an" private equity investment fund management Interim Regulations "will serve as a long-term private business supervision is an important measure, and is expected to develop from the inter ministerial level brewing. After the completion of the Commission on a number of private business regulatory rules developed from a higher level of private regulatory standards are accelerating construction. Twenty-first Century economic report reporter from people close to the regulators informed, the "Provisional Regulations on private equity investment fund management" (hereinafter referred to as "private management regulations") as an important measure in the long-term private business supervision, and is expected to develop from the inter ministerial level brewing. This initiative will be roughly the same as the current level of the commission established a unified private information management business rules system echoes together to become the cornerstone of the construction of private regulatory framework. The reason for the introduction of private business in the inter ministerial level higher regulatory rules, and the current financial supervision form of private business standards brought about by the frequent phenomenon, arbitrage regulatory costs rising. However, the industry pointed out that, in the context of the establishment of separate supervision, through the form of multi ministries jointly issued a document to unify the private sector regulatory rules, there are still some limitations. On the one hand, the other financial sector under the jurisdiction of the product is still difficult to unify the management of the commission system, on the other hand, the class of private activities outside the regulatory department of the door there is no small difficulty of governance. Higher level brewing regulations on the basis of the current system, to promote the introduction of a step up the law, may become the current private sector to improve the governance of a long-term expectations. Twenty-first Century economic report learned from people close to the regulators at the reporter before the long-term supervision measures as the private sector, the State Council is preparing to promote the introduction of inter ministerial "private management regulations", the unified management of the higher level of private equity fund activities, including private equity products. "Regulations from the legal level than the" measures ", the" provision "higher, such as" securities regulation "is from the state level, rather than the level of the Commission legislation," Zhongyin Law Firm lawyer said, "before the Commission and the association level has been on the funds, but if the regulations released, will be higher in the presence of the upper law." It is worth noting that the Ordinance issued by the State Council is expected to have "several opinions on promoting the sustained and healthy development of venture capital" is mentioned, the proposed "to promote the improvement of the company law and the partnership enterprise law, promote the Provisional Regulations on private equity fund management as soon as possible". Analysts believe that the past and narrow definition of private equity funds vary in many ministries involved in the formulation, the Private Equity Fund Ordinance may be financial products with unified private property transferred to the jurisdiction of the private equity fund. One symptom is that the Commission had issued new eight views相关的主题文章: