Ministry of industry: nonferrous metals industry still has great uncertainty, business society 02 April 16, Ministry of industry and information recently notified 2015 nonferrous metals industry operation and outlook in 2016. The article said that in the face of the international economic situation is complicated, the domestic downtown pressure on the economy increasing situation, and market demand, product prices in the doldrums, the financial market turmoil and other unfavorable factors, the nonferrous metals industry initiative to adapt to the new normal, continue to promote structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, the industry running situation remained stable. The article said that in 2015, the non-ferrous metal industry output remained steady growth, ten non-ferrous metals production 50 million 900 thousand tons, an increase of 5.8%, the growth rate decreased by 1.4 percentage points. Industry investment declined slightly. The non-ferrous metal industry (including independent gold enterprises) completed the fixed assets investment of 761 billion 700 million yuan, down 3.2% year-on-year, and declined for the first time in recent years. Industry profits declined significantly. Above the scale of nonferrous metal industry enterprises realized main business income of 57253 yuan, an increase of 0.2%; to achieve profits of 179 billion 900 million yuan, down 13.2%, nearly 21% of the losses of the enterprise, but the processing industry profit of 108 billion 40 million yuan, an increase of 2.5%, accounting for 60% of the profits of the whole industry. In addition, the technological progress continued to push forward, and the import and export volume dropped sharply. Total imports and exports of nonferrous metals totaled 130 billion 700 million US dollars, down 26.2%. Among them, imports amounted to $86 billion 100 million, a decrease of 13.9%; exports of $44 billion 600 million, down 42.2%. However, the import of major mineral products still maintained rapid growth. The main problems of nonferrous metals industry are as follows: first, the structural contradiction of supply side is prominent. Aluminum smelting industry has sharply reduced losses 6 billion 600 million yuan, but the lack of competitiveness of electrolytic aluminum production capacity exit channel, personnel placement, exit to resolve the debt, downstream industries and many other problems, enterprise general operating pressure. Two, the problem of inflexible mechanism of state-owned enterprises is becoming more and more prominent, so it is urgent to speed up the reform. Three is the rising production costs, financing difficulties, financing expensive phenomenon still exists, industry financial costs increased by 8%. Four is the market demand growth slowed down. Analysis of the article, 2016 domestic and foreign economic environment is more complex and grim, downward pressure on the economy is still increasing, the new normal characteristics of China’s economic development has become increasingly evident. 2016 is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, with the "13th Five-Year plan", "Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, the Yangtze River Economic Belt Construction of the national strategy, a series of steady growth measures, will expand new space for the development of non-ferrous metal industry, add new impetus to the development of the global economy, but will still to maintain the pattern of weak market demand, non-ferrous metal products to substantial growth. Therefore, the article said, is expected in 2016, non-ferrous metal prices will remain low volatility, the main non-ferrous metal products production in the domestic growth in fixed asset investment growth will slow further, industry will face greater uncertainty, steady growth, structural adjustment, speed up the supply side reforms, to production, to leverage, to make up the short board to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the increase of

工信部:有色金属行业运行仍存较大不确定性   生意社02月16日讯   工信部近日通报2015年有色金属工业运行情况及2016年展望。文章称,面对国际经济形势复杂多变、国内经济下行压力不断加大的局面,以及市场需求不振、产品价格低迷、金融市场动荡等不利因素,有色金属行业主动适应新常态,不断推进结构调整、产业升级,行业运行基本保持平稳态势。   文章称,2015年有色金属工业产量保持平稳增长,十种有色金属产量5090万吨,同比增长5.8%,增速下降1.4个百分点。行业投资小幅下降。有色金属工业(含独立黄金企业)完成固定资产投资7617亿元,同比下降3.2%,近几年首次出现下降。行业利润下滑明显。规模以上有色金属工业企业实现主营业务收入57253亿元,同比增长0.2%;实现利润1799亿元,同比下降13.2%,近21%的企业亏损,但加工行业实现利润1080.4亿元,同比增长2.5%,占行业整体利润的60%。此外,技术进步持续推进,进出口额大幅下降。有色金属进出口贸易总额1307亿美元,同比下降26.2%。其中,进口额861亿美元,下降13.9%;出口额446亿美元,下降42.2%。但主要矿产品进口量仍保持较快增长。   关于有色金属工业存在的主要问题,文章提出以下几点:一是供给侧结构性矛盾突出。铝冶炼行业虽大幅减亏66亿元,但电解铝缺乏竞争力产能退出渠道不畅,退出涉及人员安置、债务化解、上下游产业等诸多难题,企业普遍经营压力较大。二是国有企业机制不灵活等问题愈发凸显,亟需加快改革。三是生产成本不断上升,企业融资难、融资贵现象依然存在,行业财务费用同比增加8%。四是市场需求增速趋缓。   文章分析称,2016年国内外经济环境更加复杂严峻,经济下行压力仍在加大,我国经济发展新常态特征愈发明显。2016年是“十三五”开局之年,随着“十三五”规划,“一带一路”、京津冀协同发展、长江经济带建设等国家战略以及一系列稳增长措施的出台,将为有色金属工业拓展新的发展空间,增加新的发展动力,但全球经济仍将维持弱势格局,有色金属产品市场需求难以出现大幅度增长。因此,文章称,预计2016年,有色金属产品价格仍将维持低位震荡,国内主要有色金属产品产量增速、固定资产投资增速等将进一步放缓,行业运行仍将面临较大不确定性,稳增长,调结构,加快供给侧改革,去产能、去杠杆、补短板、加快行业转型升级,降本增效,将是2016年有色金属行业管理重点工作。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: