Minimalist art wood carving lamps like let natural light in daily life in a simple block, the best processing method, perhaps ordinary people can think about is, let it burn into a bonfire in the flames, or made into furniture etc.. But the Esty shop Split Grain founder and designer felt wood has a different kind of beauty, from the appearance to the specific texture are very attractive, so they designed the idea of creative and artistic lamps. In the trial, Foeckler found that the use of a saw wood cut into some pieces, then they are recombined, the wood is more like sculpture, texture patterns imperceptible hidden in the folds of cross section, structure composed of stunning. This unique form of deconstruction further reveals and highlights the unique contours, shapes and features of wood. After the deconstruction, the sculptures were rebuilt with aluminum or steel support, and the interior was beautifully lit. The final works by which not only has strong sense of architecture and sculpture, like the minimalist, beautiful and full of poetic. The addition of light, but also for the cutting of the horizontal screen to create a more fantastic feeling, as if suspended in the air.相关的主题文章: