Sports-and-Recreation After just about three hours of talks, galliani and preziosi walked out of the meeting hall happily and benefit lot on the talks. AC milan won with BoATeng the other half possession 700 million euros, palmer los base, Stella psaltery, Zigoni devasigamani, amelia and Mr DuYa MaDi etc. belong to the rossoneri. PaPaSi tower thorpe Ross was sent back to Genoa by AC milan. the two clubs keep share Mario beretta, and he will wear Genoa shirt in new season. The past few seasons, players transactions between Genoa and AC milan are repeated . BoATeng ,the rossoneri title exploits, .es from Genoa. Last summer, Genoa introduced BoATeng from Portsmouth. Then, AC milan are on loan to him with high prices.lately BoATeng transfer own by two clubs. In order to thoroughly buyout BoATeng,in mid-april galliani has had a bargaining with preziosi. 24th morning, they meet again. Because there are contrast. Debate Repeated during the talk. Fortunately, after three hours talks, the two clubs .e to an arrangement,including the future of BoATeng and parlour and other such a lot of players is decided. Stepped out meeting house, preziosi accepted the digital sports interview,AC milan and Genoa won’t appear contradictions. We .e to an agreement for the transfer of BoATeng . in the new season he will be.e entirely red and black player. For AC milan, BoATeng is an important player, we dont jacked up his price because of this, and the fee are realistic. In this deal Genoa get less money. But, AC milan is very cheerful, we also very relieved. At first, on the transfer problem we have many controversial. Eventually, we successfully reached an agreement. The talks process cannot avoid debate. However, both sides dont speak in high voice but truth." Media speculation, Genoa try to purchase borriello. For this, preziosi said. "undoubtedly it isnot true. After tax borriellos salary is 3400 euros .and Genoa couldn’t afford it." But in the talks, Genoa owned Mario beretta. Last summer, AC milan sold half of the ownership of Mario beretta to Genoa. Now, the two clubs chosen to keep the red and black teenager, "the new season, Mario beretta will be in Genoa Ryan Kesler Jersey ." PaPaSi tathorpe Ross was sent back by AC milan, "PaPaSi ta thorpe los is no longer in Genoa planning. Now, he will in the short term return to Genoa. Then, I want to talk with boss." Galliani said: "we bought the other half ownership of BoATeng with 700 million euros. In addition, parlour, base, amelia, Stella psaltery, Mr McCartney DuYa MaDi, and zigger ownership belongs to AC milan. During the talks, we met a few small problems. Fortunately, we finally reached an agreement." Among them, the AC milan buyout amelia is shocking, galliani said ,on our purchase Marchetti , this is baseless rumors." As for teenager yankees parlour back, galliani has his thought, "the summer, robinho and pato will attend the copa America. In summer for us ,parlour is important. In the capital, many fans will wear Washington Capitals Jersey ,expected" Finalizing the attribution of BoATeng and other players , galliani will make an visit with Seedorf. At present, there are many speculation on clarence seedorf turned to BaJia, "we will strive to persuade him to stay behind." As for constantly speculation on Antonio cassano, "indeed, I and his agent have talks, but pozzo said nothing, cassano .pletely don’t worry." recent Mino raiola move, "storm zlatan ibrahimovic is always joking around mino raiola, zlatan ibrahimovic will surely stay at AC milan, he will go nowhere." Galliani also ruled out the possibility of montolivo joining AC milan, "he certainly can be .petent quarter, but we already have mark van bommel and ambrosini." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: