Microsoft Asia academy second live on November 14, 2016, next Monday, Microsoft Asia Research Institute will be held in Zhongguancun Microsoft building. Once learning, in the Microsoft Asia Research Institute worked more than 200 enterprises from home and abroad, the academic and Scientific Research Institute on behalf of friends will gather together to review the Microsoft Asia Research Institute development course, 18 years of scientific research, as well as Microsoft Asia Research Institute practical research, bold innovation, respect talent, open integration of cultural heritage, and to share their insight into the future of science and technology frontier. The event for the friends of the Institute and the Institute of Asian Studies, Microsoft founder of free communication, the opportunity to establish contacts. Meanwhile, the hospital will be held at the ceremony will be held on the afternoon of 14, let the world filled with AI- artificial intelligence seminar". From Microsoft Asia Research Institute, Face + +, as science and technology, Zhejiang University, Temple University Kuang, Suzhou tianhuai technology, klaeng dark pupil, Tsinghua University, Ali cloud and horizon robot a total of nine speakers, they will talk to the new trend of artificial intelligence analysis and prospect. Followed by the AI forum, academia, large companies, start-up companies in the field of AI opportunities? "Will be chaired by Dr. Wen Jirong Dean of Renmin University of China School of information, Dr. Ma Weiying, executive vice president of Microsoft Research Asia and Microsoft Asia Research Institute chief researcher Zhou Ming will also participate in the discussion, and the forum guests together to discuss the opportunities and development direction in the field of AI. The following is the welfare time: in order to let more before rushed to the scene of the Microsoft Research Asia Academy of friends to participate in this activity, share the trends of artificial intelligence, Microsoft Asia Research Institute will be the way live video on the afternoon of "let the world filled with AI- artificial intelligence seminar to share. Below is the live way of adding or directly reading the original stamp: the "let the world filled with AI- artificial intelligence conference broadcast as follows: Microsoft Asia Research Institute Alumni Association is a new organization of Microsoft Asia Research Institute was established on the occasion of eighteen years to launch. Research Institute since 18 years ago, rooted in the four session of Chinese, Dean’s leadership, has become a center for research Chinese, Asia and the world within the scope of computer science, at the same time, a large number of trained personnel for the academic and scientific community. Especially in Chinese, Microsoft Research Asia, also known as the Chinese Internet community "Whampoa  military academy", created a China half of the country in the Internet era. Microsoft Asia Research Institute sent the most sincere invitation to friends. You are welcome to attend the meeting, we can participate in the online event! Let us light the memories, and collide with more passion! The WeChat share review: Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Research Institute AI headlines, we look forward to your comments and contributions, to build a communication platform. Here please: msraai@microsoft. Microsoft wheatgrass stationed WeChat Microsoft Research Institute! Go and talk to her.相关的主题文章: