Miao Fu gaotu encounters Dr. Qinghua Wang Weinian who likes? Sina entertainment news cold swept Beijing City, shivering capital in November 13th finally entered the heating season in advance. However, no matter your home heating hot, this weekend as long as the lock BTV arts channel, "Beijing comic contest" promotion season will bring the original works, reeky spicy, sell the burden of child handsome blame bad comedy newcomer…… Swept, swept away the chill fell to zero, let you in this winter, joy without stop, smile warm heart. The game five players will bring humor comedy show, comedy, comic three art forms, different styles, humor is communicated; five groups of players in the age of great difference, the youngest only 5 years old, the biggest is sixty, but as a comedy newcomer, they will be on the same starting line of athletic competition. It is worth mentioning that, Miao Fu’s disciple will also be participating in the game, they will face the "capital of the highest degree of comedian Li Yinfei’s challenge, which side will win? "[micro-blog], Liu Wei, Mai Hongmei, Yang Lei, cattle [micro-blog] five judges who praise? Which of the two group will eventually reached the second round talent shows itself,? Please lock in November 13th 19:35, BTV channel broadcast "Beijing comedy humor contest". The stage scenes of foot to apprentice in accordance with the provisions of the cattle stunned "Beijing comic contest" format, each of the five guest judges only comment on the responsibility of not scoring rights. Five guests and judges in this field is a leader in comedy, they are performing artists cattle, Liu Wei, comedian Mai Hongmei, Yang Lei, director, director, actor Wang Wei read [micro-blog]. When it comes to their name, their work will be rushed to the senior audience’s heart, I think, a smile will swing that is the charm. First leg of the first qualifying tournament, several guest judges also feel fresh, for the first time in the contest as the judges do not cover the fun of the cattle, said he was able to see so many new comedy new surprises. This "contest", several judges reviews the precise place, some passages called the language has no comment on caustic phase, only from the sincere and ardent predecessors of persuasion. Laughing, Taiwan drama again and again, the interaction between the audience judges are interesting. The first group of players after the end of the show, the balloon, resplendent with variegated coloration festive performances aroused Yang Lei’s girl heart, could not help shouting "I want the clown card!" Players gladly for her to wear the frog card, does not think that Wang Weinian has quipped: just issued a new regulation, "the judges once with the player to score is zero". In order to enhance the credibility, he also vowed that she has incomparable appeal in 50 after the aunt, gesturing with live scoring audience, he playfully said: "listen to my aunt!" Let Yang Lei and the audience laugh. With the game Jianrugaochao, the player also works better, under the judges also fascinated when a comic works will see life show vivid)相关的主题文章: