What about the feel of the mobile phone metal – Sohu technology for most users, especially online users to buy, in addition to the mobile phone arouse the desire to buy yen value, is the second hand stimulation. For this year’s domestic explosion of mobile phone OPPO R9 with R9 Plus, in addition to the delicate appearance, it is difficult to take in the hands of the feeling is to move down a lot of users. In fact, the experience of these two models of mobile phone users, it can be clearly perceived as not the same good feel. So what is the secret of the R9 design? In fact, in addition to the size of the impact of the phone’s touch, for the current popularity of the metal material, the metal material is brought about by the handset manufacturer is the ability to test the design. For the metal body of the phone, matte, wire drawing, sculpture, foot cutting, opening and other processes are designed to test the location of the phone. Then in order to solve the problem of metal edge feel, many manufacturers to arc design. Later, in order to let the body and the screen between the transition more natural, became popular methods to improve the cutting edge of the mobile phone CNC handle, this little cutting line not only make mobile phone lines looks more sense of design, but also can reduce the dust embedded in the edge of the screen. For OPPO R9, it is more the waist design knowledge, because it not only improved the CNC edge easy cutting line. For OPPO R9, only from its setting light waist, can reflect the demanding OPPO. Perhaps many users for this waist line designer said at the time, it was the inspiration for the sun shines into the snow peak scene and feel abstract. In fact, when the R9 arc in the hand when you can feel the edge of the fuselage R9 is not simple, but there is a certain inclination, which is composed of two different arc combination, in the hand is more stable, not easy to slip in hand, and this design is unique to OPPO, this little change can bring the actual user experience change. This setting light brings another waist feel and enhance the value of the yen points is its cutting edge technology. Compared to other mobile phone line polishing, although are formed by cutting in CNC, but in order to this gorgeous gas light waist is more beautiful, OPPO engineers racked the traditional dry polishing process can not be the root waist bring enough shine. As a result, OPPO engineers have chosen a more expensive but excellent wet polishing technology. Therefore, compared to other ordinary CNC cutting, the edge of R9 not only looks more bright, but also feel more smooth. Finally, a good feeling of the metal is not easy to make mobile phone, although currently on the market mainstream are metals with mobile phone, but a single product R9 and won the sales list OPPO, R9 confirmed on the product demand, and grasp of user needs, never end point.相关的主题文章: