The man killed the Internet bar   side seat until the "cold" was found, game original title: man killed side seat until the cafe "man is cool" was found in October 5th, Changsha Xiangzhang road about Internet cafes, the deceased wife in an interview in the death of her husband’s seat. Reporter Chen Yunjiao in October 2nd 49, Changsha Xiangzhang road around the Internet cafes, 32 year old Liu Lin (a pseudonym) in the Internet for five hours after the plane, he then sat on the side of No. 61 seat seat, this "keep sleeping for 18 hours, until the cafe manager after receiving the reflection of view, found that" people are cool". After 120 emergency medical examination found that Liu Lin has no vital signs, and then rushed to the forensic confirmed that he had died. As of October 5th, the families are still unable to figure out how Liu Lin had an accident. In the morning, more than 10 families rushed to the cafe to discuss that: 18 hours to maintain the same position, relatives and friends also dialed more than and 100 calls, but no one found abnormal, "Internet management is not in place, miss the best rescue time". Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter to Changsha reported family Internet Shuai inexplicable death, for reasons Liu Lin is the name of the driver drops in October 1st, 6:30 in the evening, he returned to Minmetals Wan waterfront? Dinner. Wife Ms. Kuang said, after half an hour, in order to avoid the 2 year old daughter to go out, go out quietly made a gesture in her husband and mother-in-law, "I thought he was playing mobile phone in the room, until her daughter back to the room to sleep is not found in the home." Ms. Kuang mistakenly believe that her husband is going out to go out in the evening, there is no call to inquire about the whereabouts of her husband. 2 on the morning of 8, her husband did not return home, two mobile phone number she repeatedly call her husband failed, "don’t feel right". Robbed? A car accident? 2 on the morning of 10, her husband was still in a state of lost contact, considering the particularity of his occupation, Ms. Kuang Mukai Wanko police station, the police after the case is accepted by the query identity information, Liu Lin did not have open house records found. More than 2 at 2 pm, Ms. Kuang rushed to the traffic police brigade Yuhua District for help, still has not been informed of the whereabouts of her husband. Subsequently, Ms. Kuang holding identity cards, marriage certificate and other documents, to help Mobile Corporation, to the transfer of husband of one of the mobile phone call records, the staff responded that there is no permission". Helpless, she had to go home and other news. 2, more than 7 in the evening, Ms. Kuang received the police’s phone: you come to the police station, there is news of your husband." At this time, Ms. Kuang feel very wrong, she realized that a major event". She hurried to the police station, the police asked: do you have a good relationship between husband and wife? Does your husband have any medical history, physical discomfort?" "We have a good relationship, and her husband is very healthy." Ms. Kuang answer one after another, the police told: your husband found, but people at the funeral home." Voice just fell, Ms. Kuang instantly paralyzed sitting on the ground, emotional control, she can not accept this fact. Subsequently, she was told that her husband had an accident in the Internet cafe, "row"相关的主题文章: