Memory on 4G! SONY Xperia X Compact –   digital substation debut run Sohu;     according to foreign media reports, Blass had previously broke the God Evan  confirmed the SONY flagship of the small screen Xperia  X  Compact and mobile phone released renderings. The model is expected to debut with the Xperia  XZ Berlin IFA2016 conference. Recently, Xperia  X  Compact GFXBench debut run station, the configuration is also fully consistent with the flagship level. Memory on 4G! SONY Xperia  X  Compact debut run substation (pictures from GFXBench)       according to the specific configuration given by GFXBench Xperia  X  Compact display, equipped with 4.6 inches 1080P screen, equipped Xiaolong 820 processor, storage combination 4GB   RAM and 64GB  ROM; memory; storage body, front camera pixels 8 million pixels, the rear camera is 16 million pixels, support 4K video recording. Xperia  X  Compact is still pre installed Android  6.0.1 system.       Evan  Blass had released the HD rendering of this phone, you can see the size of this phone is not large, with the design of the square with a built-in virtual key design. The interface of the system is similar to the Android native system, most of which are circular. SONY’s official website in Czech had leaked Xperia  X  Compact some information, this phone was labeled "pictures  without  blur" label, perhaps with his camera function.相关的主题文章: