Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Xiehe warm male doctor in Peng Peng aunt – Sohu maternal aunt is every girl (people) the most common physiological phenomenon, a physiological phenomenon but also the most. Some people come to a lifetime of menstruation, but still on the big aunt know very little. If you don’t believe, take a look at these "big aunt" basic knowledge you can get a few? 1, "big aunt" how long is it normal? The classic "big aunt" visit frequency is 28 days (4 weeks), from the first day of the last menstrual period to the first day of the next menstrual. But everyone has their own cycle. Generally speaking, the premise of 1 weeks (21 days) and after 1 weeks (35 days) may be normal, over this range is a problem. Of course, although the cycle of 21-35 can also be considered normal, but must be combined with their previous cycle and whether there are other symptoms. If the menstrual period has been 28 days, the recent sudden turn into a day of the 21, then have to suspect a problem. "2, big aunt" how many days calculate normal? There is no rule that "big aunt" must be how many days. Usually think, "aunt" in every 3-7 days are relatively normal. Some people a lifetime of "big aunt" to sit every 1-2 days, you can eat and drink to sleep, the child was born, you can not think she has a problem. Or that sentence, everyone has their own "big aunt" days, as long as the number of days does not bring trouble to your life, there is no need to adjust. 3, aunt what measure normal? I can be very responsible to tell you that a professional obstetrician does not care about your aunt is not a small amount". As long as we see blood, we can think it’s normal. "The amount of menstruation" is probably one of the most Chinese characteristics of a medical term, but the world’s authoritative experts and institutions to study menstruation has never said that the amount of menstruation, even if less? "You really have neither learning nor skill PP! Each menstrual volume less than 5ml is a small amount of menstruation, understand?!" I’m sure somebody’s gonna say that. Count less? Yes, that is our China’s own rules, is to cater to the common people and some doctors on the "menstrual volume less" anxiety and artificially set a value, there is no scientific basis. Do you communicate with the rest of the world to see if they recognize the value of 5ml? However, it should also be emphasized that if the previous normal volume, and now suddenly reduced, then it depends on the doctor’s. Only those who have menstruation is not many people, it is not necessary to pursue the "overwhelming" normal menstruation. What really matters is that "there are more menstrual periods," which is defined as the amount of each menstrual cycle that exceeds 80ml. Menorrhagia is likely to be caused by the disease, so we are more concerned about menorrhagia in clinical. As for the lack of menstruation, as long as it does not affect what, less on it. Peng Peng, Beijing Union Medical College doctor of medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital physician. In the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the "Chinese Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology," and other high – level obstetrics and gynecology journals published a number of papers.相关的主题文章: