Master log: PPP plate bursting with popularity facing differentiation continued peatlands marvelous welcome attention to our fist column "delivery order and operation record log" there will be a master manipulator of the combat master. Users of the forwarding and comments, we do this column is the greatest power. Also welcome users to register our stock market competition, through the competition to exchange. Scan two-dimensional code in real time to watch the new WeChat Xing Xing Xing stock pool has been opened. WeChat public search xingzwgpc welcome everyone’s attention. The difference between "Xing stock pool" and "master hailun log" the two public numbers are as follows: 1, "Xing stock pool" daily sent before 8:30 in the morning, only 1 articles, the content is on a trading day at 22 in the evening after the checking results, including the next day I want to buy the target shares. 2, Xing stock pool represents only personal point of view, nothing to do with Phoenix finance. Stock pool just Xing individual subject of picking, does not represent any units and institutions stand. Last night on the rehabilitation, PPP stocks, the plate before the performance is persistent, Mongolian grass ecological fee strength sealing plate heavily yesterday, fortunately late PPP stocks collective riots happened to prop up the market, so as the plate leading today or some spectacle. But yesterday sudawei from make smaller losses broke the mood, no longer shot chase, take the initiative to reduce the frequency of transactions. In view of the market trading yesterday out of the V trend, so in the morning there will be a good shot, but in the afternoon or with uncertainty, the probability of decline is there. Today morning, yesterday’s leading shares in the country star power, Weiming environmental, Mongolian grass ecology is a strong second, directly with a wave of chasing mood, but also to stimulate the market funds chase PPP stocks desire. In addition to the entire disk nationstar PPP this is not sealed, other stocks are more or less related concepts and PPP. Close late, Zika virus stocks leading Lukang Pharmaceutical Trading, driven by the younger brother Rhine biological, Haiwang biology have to follow suit. Today I am still not operating smoothly, the hands of sudawei positions to lighten up, to see its second kingring hopeless to make out. In addition to the news of gold rose benefit Yuguang Gold & lead pulled up a little, also do not leave lingering losses. The treatment of Jinguan electric hesitated missed the best chance today opened out, have pulled nearly 2% small losses can go directly, the early work out no time to see, afternoon diving straight to the stop position could lose. Afternoon to see the concept of PPP is really strong, chasing some of the positions of the dry landscape garden, had closed the results of the plate by the index diving, closing small sets.     outlook judgment: today is a cop-out, but don’t worry too much about what the PPP concept of tomorrow should be completely differentiated, then there is no chance to observe the leading car. There is an adjustment in the PPP, the funds will not be observed to launch a new plate offensive. Note: the above is only the author’s own understanding is not to be a Kanpan, stock recommendation, does not constitute investment advice, investment risks, the market need to be cautious. Xing introduction: 12 years of age. Once in a private company;相关的主题文章: