Arts-and-Entertainment Martina Cole was born in 1959 in Essex, UK and is a keenly popular British crime author. She was raised in Aveley, and her books feature the mysterious and dark, violent world of the London gangster fraternity. The television adaptations based around her books Dangerous Lady, The Jump, The Take and The Runaway have received great ratings and securely installed her at the top of the lady’s crime author’s niche. Her premier novel, The Jump, was an instant best seller, and her novels have sold more than 10 million copies in the UK and are better known and admired in other countries. Her tenth book, The Know, stayed in the Sunday Times Best Seller list for 7 weeks, which is witness to her tremendous popularity with avid crime fiction fans. Largely, her books feature a heroine (or anti-heroine!) as the main character, and some are centered around the Irish groups in the London area. TV has proven to be a vital instrument for Martina. In 2008 she produced a dramatized documentary program for ITV entitled ‘ Martina Cole’s Lady Killers ‘, a series which broke audience figures and was passed from ITV3 to ITV1 in 2009. Book Synopsis – Dangerous Lady Sarah Ryan is characteristic of many of the women in the region where she lives. Her existence is not a pretty picture, with a squalid home and husband who loves alcohol just to begin with. Her husband’s favorite place of work is ‘The Bramley Arms’ the local pub. Add some cockroaches and snotty-nosed kids who are under-nourished, and haven’t eaten anything for two days, and you have a disastrous cocktail. What’s more, yet another infant is on the way and she’s basically at the end of the road. A girl girl is delivered and blossoms into a woman who guards a secret … Book Synopsis – The Family The majority of Martina Cole books are set in the east end of London, but this book takes us to Southend. Not that Cole describes Southend, or any other place for that matter very effectively, but she more insinuates the environment, which generally helps to set the scene. Cole’s amazing descriptive powers .e into their own when she describes the gruesome details of a homicide, and she has lots of of scope to employ the talent in this book! A few of the people in the book are a bit shallow, but everything is done for a reason, which is to push the story along, and entertain (and surprise!) the reader. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: