Writing Many people would rather make a blog than a website as it can be a lot easier to maintain and update and has all the same rewards. You can get free blogs so that eliminates any outgoings in the early stages when your site isn’t earning any money. If you put the effort into it you can make some serious money out of a blog if you keep it updated with unique content on a daily basis. Be sure that you don’t copy content from a similar site as this will do you more harm then good and make it harder to be.e popular. The best thing about making a blog is that you can use software called wordpress, this allows you to make changes very easily and update it with ease. You can also give people privileges so they can log in and update it for you but are not allowed to change or edit anything sensitive giving you .plete security and privacy. Making a wordpress blog is very simple, once you have installed it to your host you can either make your own template or download one of the available themes on the internet which can be used free of charge and away you go! Once you have done that, make it interesting to get people signing up and returning on a daily basis. You have to make the effort in getting it to rank in the search engines by using basic search engine optimization (seo), but if you do this it will definitely pay off in the long run. You can get many plugins which will make your life easier when it .es to seo. If you have made your blog very popular and have a strong set of back links you have the ability to sell posts to other site owners which is easy money, you get unique content and get paid for uploading it to your site. The concept is that they integrate some links pointing to their site so they get a quality back link and any targeted traffic you can offer. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: