Mainland tourists to visit Taiwan tourism industry: sharp decline in the growth rate of personal travel – Beijing on 29 August, according to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" reported that the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan straight, the new Taiwan authorities to vigorously push the individual travel instead of visitors, but the tourism industry pointed out that although the 1-7 months of this year compared to the number of tourists to Taiwan people over the same period last year, but mostly in the first four months of the year; the new administration took office after May, although the total number is more than the same period last year, but the growth rate fell significantly, the tourism industry believes that "big bad". Zhang pointed out that the tourism industry, the new authorities said, although the recent decrease in the number of mainland tourists group, but the number of individual visits is still in the growth, hope tourism implication seems to be not too nervous, because not all of mainland tourists to Taiwan are in decline, also encourage the tourism industry to strive for a tour, may open new markets; but the situation is a personal tour of mainland tourists in growth, but the increase was significantly decline, is the new warning of mainland tourists to Taiwan reduced. Mainland tourists to Taiwan to reduce the new warning he said, careful analysis can be seen, 1-4 months of this year and the number of individual visit to Taiwan last year compared to the same period last year, in February, because the winter is long, the number of tourists to Taiwan to a new high, resulting in negative growth this year; every other month has at least 2 positive growth, even reached 41.9%. But these are the two sides in the past stable growth in the "92 consensus" basis; but after May, the growth rate has been decreasing for personal travel to 8-14%, compared to January fell nearly 3. "Now the Internet to ask for personal travel, less than in the past half", a personal tour of mainland tourists site volunteers said that one had been to Taiwan 4 times, fans of Taiwan before a good impression, now that Taiwan scenery as the mainland, Hongkong, Japan as well as shopping, leisure and delicacy in a daze as the Southeast asia……" Let him feel that the atmosphere of individual tourists to Taiwan has been worse than before. He also said that the IVS mainland tourists in September last year, the daily quota from 4 thousand to 5 thousand this year, opening the door for more than last year, the growth of the space is larger, if we really want to as compared to last year, from the beginning of September, will be more accurate. The number of visitors in July over the same period by 15% tourism industry pointed out that the current "Immigration Department" of each working day can apply for personal travel quota of 7300 people, 18 this month, the lowest point of 3332, 26, and only 3368 people, less than half of the quota, the new authorities in the face of mainland tourists to Taiwan New police hearing. In addition to personal travel has been a downward trend, the land has been reduced from May this year, the group has been reduced. On the basis of the "Ministry of transportation statistics, in July this year to come to Taiwan to mainland tourists number about 299 thousand people, although more than 20 thousand more than in June, but the summer is mainly the number of visitors more, but if the same period last year and compared by about 53 thousand people, greatly reduced 15%, is open to mainland tourists after the largest decline.相关的主题文章: