The mainland capital inflow: bought 3 into account policy speculation stocks green – financial Sohu (original title: Mainland influx of funds bought 3 policy Shopping Spree: cross-border speculation stocks account green light) in October 25th, RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar continued to fall, once again hit a new low, closed at 6.7788. Since entering in October, the yuan has fallen by 1.65%; if the time stretch, the beginning of this year has fallen by 4.46%. "The river becomes warm in spring ducks, the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate to mainland residents will fund diversification through different channels. More than a few institutions in Hongkong told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, insurance, Hong Kong stocks, real estate has become the most popular investment in mainland China, Hongkong investors. According to a Chinese Vice President of Hongkong Securities Research Department introduced this year, Hongkong market performance better than the mainland market, attracting a lot of money into Hong Kong stocks. In October after entering the RMB SDR, the RMB exchange rate fluctuations are obvious, people want to diversify investment hedge. In addition to Hong Kong stocks, the recent real estate market has also ushered in a lot of new mainland visitors; on the other hand, Hongkong inward to sell insurance scale, the first half of this year has reached the level of last year. After the "stop" South capital underestimate the value of stocks attracted many mainland residents to visit Hong Kong stocks. Investment manager Zhongshan Guoxin Securities Sales Department of a service high net worth clients told reporters in twenty-first Century economic report, "we’ve encountered a lot of high net worth clients is to go to Hongkong or Australia to buy a house; from this point of view, especially recently, to Hongkong opening stocks customers more." He explained that, because the U.S. stock market, mainland China’s stock market, the Hongkong stock market valuation is low; the current global interest rates as a whole down to Hong Kong stocks to hedge funds. Hong Kong stocks dividend rate is very high, and some even up to 6% or more, and now a lot of return on investment varieties can have a very good 5%." Hongkong, a Chinese securities dealers also said that the recent emergence of more and more mainland visitors to Hongkong stock market. I observed two trends, first, before the Hongkong account for more than the first tier cities of mainland tourists, and now the number of investors in the two or three tier cities in the increase, they also want to configure Hong Kong stocks. Second, to come to Hongkong to open an account for most ordinary retail; according to my personal contact, recently more and more institutions such as private equity, they more interested, they would have to do to the mainland A shares investment, but because of the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate and the mainland stock market sluggish, these high net worth customers in the selection of the money allocated to the Hong Kong stock." In his view, to open an account in Hongkong than through Shanghai and Hong Kong through a wider range of investment options. First, through the Hong Kong and Shanghai through channels, fees to be higher; second Hong Kong stocks can be relatively limited number of investment; the Hongkong market is easy to do financing and development, the mainland brokerage customers have higher requirements for financing." According to wind statistics, in September this year, the 19 trading days, a total of 50 billion 725 million yuan net inflow of stocks, once pushed the Hang Seng index. In October, south of the net flow of funds is reduced, the 10 trading day only 1 billion 935 million yuan, showing "dormant""相关的主题文章: