Macao light luxury travel – slow life Sohu filed in Macao, most people will think of the casino and the ruins, indeed, Macao Oriental "Monte Carlo" that gives people the feeling is growing, materialistic, but in fact, the unique scenery of Macao is worth watching and interesting cultural experience is really too much eleven, is approaching, may wish to take the family and friends to go to Macao to experience a light luxury slow life. There are a lot of churches in Macao, Rose Hall is one of the most famous, but also one of the most beautiful churches in Macao, the baroque church dedicated to the Virgin Mary Rose, so called Rose church. The main body of the church building is gorgeous, the appearance of yellow and white, with green doors and windows, wall engraved with fine patterns, elegant Baroque altar. Near the Church of the holy treasure "collection of more than and 300 pieces of precious cultural relics of the Catholic Church in Macao. Senado square Senado square is the center of Macao, here is paved with black and white stone ground wave shape, against the surrounding historic buildings, a southern style. Here is one of the most concentrated places in Macao cuisine and villa, near the Civil Affairs Department, mercy hall building and many other buildings. The Civil Affairs Department house is small but has a universe garden also has things to see. Venice, Australia, Macao, the most unique entertainment, from the design, interior decoration to the props of the staff to fully emulate the style of Italy water Venice. When the weather is fine in the casino outside of the Grande Canale saw parked gondola, visitors can take pictures, but also can experience the gondola boatman and clear voice. Officials also Street official street is Macao’s first pedestrian precinct, implemented in May 1, 1983. The government has also been designated as a pedestrian precinct, the Portuguese government will narrow the road to be decorated, since becoming a prosperous tourist area. As souvenirs shops, food shops, dessert stores and other shops are concentrated in this street, a lot of tourists on the street and taste the delicacy in the bunker, and the governor’s visit baposa before drinking fountains rich French Renaissance colors "He Li fountain". Xiang Xiang love love officially in 1925 by the Portuguese government named Travessa Da Paixã o language. Paixã o has love, infatuation and suffering. The alley near the ruins of St. Paul, the Portuguese "suffering" might and Jesus story about. Translated into Chinese, it has evolved into a "love" this romantic Lane name. Because of love, beauty, romance and mystery of Xiang Xiang, love has become the movie "Isabella" the shooting site, also published in its name as the title of the graphic novel "love alley" and other works. Please pay attention to more WeChat public number "polo" WeChat sweep the attention of the public,相关的主题文章: