Lucky New Year season "street basketball" a new version of the hot line 2016 "street basketball (micro-blog)" new version "after the National Super League finals ended fukubukuro new season" in August 25th officially launched, summer activities, send to send to send, the combustion system to win the emblem card, secret on-line store, "so what" login send the role of the new sun Hao Li, soldiers, and improve the system of ranking badge card, welfare mall add new items, before the beginning of such a good welfare do not miss! Collection of the sun’s badge system fully optimize the new version of the role of the collection of the new sun warrior badge, the collection of soldiers of the sun, you can increase the ability to value. When Song Shangwei, Dr. Song and Yang Shangwei rank at level 31, can get the badge when they close the +1 effect, 3 special role for victory at level 1 Exp+50%, the failure effect of Exp+50% badge. The optimization of the system is as follows: 1 to FS players to provide new goals and to provide players with new fun. 2 to give more powerful than the original purpose of the game, the purpose of growth, leading to a different game than the original. 3 core content for players who use qualifying. 4 add a new page on qualifying qualifying. 5 in qualifying page can confirm their position and level, also can confirm the qualifying record information. "Street basketball" in August 25th a new version of "lucky new season" has been on the line, in addition to the above content and combustion system of the new revision win badge card, ranking system and optimization of emblem card, more exciting content waiting for you to experience, to experience a e-sports game the most exciting youth, fight! For more information, please visit "street basketball" official home page: "street basketball" official WeChat: fsjoy2013相关的主题文章: