Self-Improvement Living the length and the width of life, our life will be more meaningful and colorful! Keeping on pursuing our dreams and making them come true, then we have lived the length of life. However, please dont forget to discover the wonderful things and enjoy them beside us no matter how busy we are. It is the so- called width of life. We were born with big or small dreams. Its only that we didn’t have a specific concept about dream at the moment we were sucking children. The dream will be clear in mind gradually till we go into the kindergarten under the guiding of teachers or parents. I was always asked what my dream was. As a naive and innocent child my answer was changeable, I wanted to be a policewoman, a colleague professor, a doctor and so on. In a word, I had so many dreams at that time. I misunderstood that I would to be the people as long as I wanted to be. I never knew the truths and facts are not as nice as I imagined. I know that the dream road is full of frustrations now. I have made it clear what my dream is under this circumstance. In order to make my dream come true one day, I have given up staying with my friends but arrived in a strange city lonely to get more chance to make an improvement. I watched such a program on TV a few days before. A woman is craze about music, she hopes to realize her dream for music by joining the song contest. She won the applause of judges and audience after her performance, yet such a singer has lost her child and husband because she attended another singing competition as a pregnant lady several months ago. In order to have a good performance in the contest, she made such efforts. Unfortunately, she aborted because of being lack of good rest. Her husband was hardly to accept the fact and chose breaking up with her. After the description of her life, I was impressed by her so deeply. She has lost so much for her dreams. Comparing with her, what I have paid for dream is nothing. I will conquer all the setbacks bravely without giving up no matter how hard it is in my future life roads. All of us are busy with our dreams. Nevertheless, please dont miss the beautiful scenery and nice things on the road. Sometimes, we need to stop our steps and enjoy it. A people in happiness will get more confidence and energy from something pretty. However, a people in frustration and desperation will cheer up. Once there is a woman lost her legs in a car accident, she has chosen to suicide for several time and failed. Eventually, she decided to live with her family happily until her daughter hugged with her and called mother continuously that made she realize how deeply she and her daughter loves with each other. It is love that encourages her to continue living. For me, the so called wonderful thing is I have discovered how to enjoy myself. I am a fancier of DIY crafts. In my free time, I will buy some materials from on which wholesale craft supplies are provided to created different crafts and share them with others. Others praise is the best present for me and I will get happiness. All of these are so nice for me. And craft supplies online supplies convenience to me. We are studying and working, all of these are the preparation for dreams. Whatever our life will be, living the length and the width of it is of great importance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: