Learn deep fried banana, never put a banana in poor – Sohu and spring, "Huang Lei time" revision ~ every weekend a food host invited together, smelling the fragrance of flowers, while listening to "Huang Lei time", enjoy baking sweet time in the kitchen. Deep fried banana is often I used to handle a dish too many bananas. Not only the production of simple, eat crisp outside tender, soft waxy delicious, in addition to a high heat so little, simply can not pick any problems. A little more luxurious can be done after the chocolate sauce or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, taste can be sold out! – – – deep fried banana material — 2~3 banana root 40 grams of flour and baking powder 12 teaspoon sugar 10 grams of salt a pinch of milk 60 grams egg 1 coconut silk (optional) crumbs amount (wrapped bananas with) the appropriate amount of vegetable oil (fried banana with) steps — the banana peeled and cut into small pieces?. Mix the flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and coconut (optional) in a large container and mix well. Add egg and milk, mix well and set aside. ? bring clean plastic gloves to cut into small pieces of banana dipped in a layer of egg, and then wrapped a layer of bread crumbs. ? in a pot pour in vegetable oil, do not need a lot, about 1 to 1.5 cm deep. Heated to boiling oil. You can put a small bread crumbs thrown in the test, if the bread crumbs will soon float up into yellow represents oil can. Remove and put out in the kitchen? The paper too much oil. Take advantage of the heat and start eating.相关的主题文章: