"Kim Gu" A shares will have no market after the "silver ten"? The month after line 3 with Yang, the market in September after the two fell Tiaokong, received a small Yin K line, month amplitude is only 4.43%, record lows for the year. The amount of energy and in February, the year May volume equivalent. Review of the market in September, investors look forward to the "Kim Gu" from the beginning of the end of the month to month, disappointed. It should be said that the cause of the market in September low-spirited is in many aspects. This kind of reason has not only external factors, but also internal factors. From external factors, U.S. interest rates are expected to fall from the suspense to boots, during the period of volatility in the stock market than in Europe, but also to some extent affected the trend of A shares; from the view of internal factors, on the one hand, the domestic real estate market continued unpopular with the A stock market has formed a deserted house, addict double day scene; on the other hand, a large number of restricted shares lifted the cash holdings, and the whole month up to 26 new shares issued and intensive part of the market, the market has been stretched like one disaster after another general overwhelmed. With the market in September ended, the national day for the upcoming October market, the legend of the "silver ten" can look forward to? According to xinhuanet.com reported, according to the post market, brokerage analysts said, after the holiday or are to stage a rebound". According to reports, the respondents, insurance, funds, private equity and other institutional investors generally believe that, in view of the financial side, the fundamentals, the emotional factors in the post stage is expected to improve, the suppression of the recent market performance strength or eased, the market is expected to stage a rebound. Jiutai Fund recently released a report, clear expression of the "real estate regulation policy is expected to promote the stock market or become a new variable" point of view, that "the recent property market booming, expected with the regulation of the property market is expected to overweight, marginal cooling, marginal changes in the property market and the stock market" see saw effect ", is conducive to the stock market improve the financial side." Coincidentally, Suzaku investment manager also noticed that A shares with the property market "hot and cold contrast. "In the property market funds diversion case, before the market sentiment tends to be cautious, after the four quarter market volatility will likely increase, the market after a long time after the sideways facing the direction of choice. However, the four quarter of the market trend, should be cautious but not pessimistic, the fourth quarter should be based on the bottom-up layout of the positive stage." Insurance institutions for the four quarter market performance is not pessimistic. The point of view of a number of large insurance institutions investment managers, although there is no substantial improvement in the fundamentals of the economy, but there is no further deterioration of the situation, the market has not changed the pattern of regional shocks. "Therefore, we continue to maintain the previous 2800 points to 3200 points to carry out the strategy of band operation in Shanghai, if the stock index fell to around 2900 points, according to the characteristics of their own funds, bargain opening." State Securities believes that the eleven period of market risk preference weights events as follows: 1) whether the domestic real estate sales, tourism will usher in the "golden nine silver ten"; 2) whether the European banking will produce "black swan" event; 3) the United States in October 7th September employment; 4) in October 2nd, Hungary the EU refugee quotas held;相关的主题文章: