Keelung homes due to rain foundation hollowed out city emergency evacuation of 8 households of 19 people – Beijing, Beijing, October 9, according to Taiwan "Central News Agency" report, Keelung City lion ball Lane 37 Lane 11 houses, at noon today, soil erosion, poles collapse, floor crack. Tap water flushing, billowing mud. Keelung city has been around the cordon, the residents of preventive evacuation, emergency evacuation of 19 people in 8 households. The soil erosion, the foundation has been emptied case, tap water pipe burst, water flows into the houses, the scene of yellow mud rolling, endangering the multifamily housing structure, firefighters have to evacuate residents, alert, and notify the company to tap water company, gas processing. The household is located below the debris avalanche said, hear a loud sound, found the yellow mud rushed into the room, the living room room are in the Yellow water. Keelung City Council Speaker Song Weili reportedly also went to charity Shishan around foundation was hollowed out the scene to help understand the disaster scene, the sinking depth of about 2 meters, an area of about 20 square meters, in addition to the recent heavy rain outside the suspect, also suspected underground pipelines caused by ground tap water Water Leakage, gradually hollowed out. Because there are small silver age households, Song Weili also accompanied by knocking on doors, confirm whether safe evacuation of personnel. Some elderly people living alone also clean clothes in each unit, assistance, temporarily placed in the district office. Municipal government reportedly has assisted the resettlement of local residents, the public works unit also fire emergency dispatch, integration and social units to assist in disaster relief and resettlement, to avoid danger. The actual cause of the disaster is still to be further investigated.相关的主题文章: