In July China’s total imports of 54%  imported from South Korea polysilicon industry calls for improving; Korean anti-dumping duty — energy — original title: in July China’s imports from South Korea accounted for 54% of the total imports of polysilicon industry to raise awareness about calls for improving the Korean anti-dumping duty rate Korea anti-dumping industry in August 31st, the "Securities Daily" reporter the latest from the Chinese non-ferrous metals industry silicon industry association branch (hereinafter referred to as the silicon industry branch) statistics data show that in 2016 July, China’s polysilicon imports still maintain in million tons, reaching 12082 tons, an increase of 0.22%, representing a substantial increase of 25%. Not long before, the Secretary China Photovoltaic Industry Association Wang Bohua, revealed in a public report, the first half of this year (2016 January -6 month), China’s polysilicon production reached 95 thousand tons, total imports of polysilicon reached 65 thousand tons. On this basis, silicon industry branch prediction of imports of polysilicon production in China, according to the first half of this year, China’s polysilicon or the total will exceed 300 thousand tons, the domestic production of 200 thousand tons of polysilicon, polysilicon imports over 100 thousand tons. In fact, according to the actual consumption of silicon estimates, 200 thousand tons of polysilicon is sufficient to support this year in China PV products (battery and components) forecast total output value — 45 gw. This means that more than 100 thousand tons of polysilicon supply exceeded demand, and supply accounted for the demand of 150%. Of course, to a certain extent polysilicon oversupply, there are certain advantages in reducing the manufacturing cost of photovoltaic products in China; but from another point of view, the domestic polysilicon enterprises have to "scissors", production can not get a reasonable profit, even in the loss of the edge. As a result, it is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, savings forward. More critical is that at present our country is carrying out relief measures in Europe and the United States, South Korea polysilicon anti-dumping trade, in this context, polysilicon imports continued to rise, not only with the policy even helped draw further apart, the national polysilicon dumping behavior. South Korea polysilicon dumping turnover reached 10 billion yuan according to the statistics of the silicon industry branch, China’s total imports of polysilicon in January this year, -7 83016 tons, an increase of 19%. And seven months per month imports are more than 10000 tons, of which there are more than five tons per month of imports of more than 12 thousand tons. Silicon industry statistics show that the main reason for the import of polysilicon continued to be maintained at more than ten thousand tons of the main reason is that China’s determined from the deployment of Sade, South Korea, the high number of imported polysilicon. "In 2014 we from South Korea imported 35 thousand tons of polysilicon, turnover of about $750 million; in 2015, we imported from South Korea 51 thousand tons, turnover of about $830 million; in 2016 January -7 month, import volume has reached 40 thousand tons, turnover of nearly $600 million, so, more than $1 billion in 2016 should be the probability of the." In addition, an industry source to the Securities Daily reporters, said, South Korea’s polysilicon companies such as OCI, South Korea, such as the silicon industry is only a second place in Korea相关的主题文章: