Jiangsu zoo chained elephant questioned cited response: it bad tempered Huaian zoo chained elephant questioned cited response: it has a bad temper is tied with chains to raise the elephant. Photo by Zhu Dingzhao Yangzi Evening News (reporter Zhu Dingzhao) recently circulated on the Internet with two photos, a look at Huaian city zoo elephants were a castleneck Handan Iron Chain tied on the columns, the elephant can move only in a limited range, many netizens have issued a condemnation of animal cruelty. Reporters came to the Huaian city zoo yesterday, into the elephant house after seeing a naive elephant was very coarse chained to a pillar, a knife in breeder is ready to feed the elephants. According to its introduction, the elephant is pulled, sometimes temper, it is difficult to control. Elephant hall before the height of the fence is only 1 meters 3, taking into account the safety of visitors, the zoo added the fence of 1/3. But in the last few days, zoo, are coming and going of the construction workers, for the sake of safety, the zoo can only temporarily limit the scope of its activities, until after the end of reconstruction project, the zoo will put it out and meet the visitors. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: