Japanese philosopher’s love struck with spicy meat was subtly malicious Cougar eyes lead: the majority of older unmarried female Gospel come, little girl in power era has passed, now popular with Cougar meat. To tell the truth, as long as you dress up beautiful, Han also regardless of age, it seems that my boyfriend would still be playing in the mud. Primary school! (Editor: @philtre) why say so, recently many fire series are go Jiedi theme, oh no, that asked all is not accurate, it is a combination of 40+ Cougar with meat. Although with destroyed three concept taboo label, but it is not for everyone to chase drama. Now Cougar with meat became the new trend of love, this is not the love of women and also shows the social concept is also gradually changing, slowly, we no longer worry about 30+ also can marry, anyway, after 40+ and little meat waiting! Mom no longer worried that I’ll never get married. But please do not blindly confident well, and not just a mother can harvest a little meat, want to take these ignorant young, first you have to wear beautiful Caixing ah! Want to have to wear the beauty field with Cougar meat first you have to wear, the beauty of drama "sage": love the drama "sage Miho Nakayama recently love" how the fire with me! Under the banner of the plot also destroyed three concept, the idea that women with super high energy, in order to revenge, with twenty years of bestie (the enemy) and the first son tune into "love their male partners", "it seems my boyfriend hasn’t been born yet." this sentence is not casual. Drama "sage" believe love after all, the first reaction is "excuse me"! This drama, best bestie two female to female master is really envy envy hate, so all female main things, she would grab, small jewelry accessories, the boyfriend, father, and finally even the female landlord’s house, the best bestie are unwilling to let go. However, women forbear but endure it, look at it is to let a person worry for her. My boyfriend was robbed of jewelry was snatched robbed the Pearl Earrings and coveted women villa you almost always get mad bestie kidnapping actress best female two, each woman robbed things and the diaphragm should be others, this is wonderful in the real life should not have! Grab something to the diaphragm should others excuse me?! Finally, the female owners decided to limit to revenge, but really, if Yan is not positive, bad taste, want to revenge is also difficult ah! Woman can successfully take home bestie small meat, no good clothing products really do. Compared with the best female bestie eye-catching gorgeous costumes, a generally go nude and women wear black and white ash, as well as work career women often wear shirts, but collocation not too dull, good temperament is so worn out. Coat with wide leg pants wearing shirt woman nude show more feminine and temperament preference of earth color color may seem simple, but outstanding temperament with black and white women’s clothes are in favor of mature strong woman fan, silk and knitting material is too much, look at the quality of.相关的主题文章: