[] is the white sugar to mix the raw chestnut tongue delicious – Sohu in October of each year and very mature season, the water chestnut is a kind of aquatic plants, were distributed in the southern provinces of our country, the growth in the small lakes, small small canal, also known as the "water peanut". Earlier records of the water chestnut literature beam emperor Jianwen Xiao Gang’s "this song": "evening sunshine empty ji. Cheng Hui night lotus. Wind up lake difficulty. Lotus not rare. Your move falling. The boat moved egrets. Hesi around near the wrist. Water chestnut far pull clothing." The Ming Dynasty Yang Ji’s "Gaoyou Lake" rain chant: "Xiao Xi Po canhong off shore, raindrops oblique Flying Gulls chaos. The boat all day painting line, lotus lotus incense constantly. The old man a foot should be measured, water chestnut and sell fish. Children can drum Tuo female swing oar, what is the use of smart books." There are many later writers and poets, poetry responsory, arty, exotic breed, the water chestnut, as in the poem with gordon. I think the scene is Cailing painting in poetry. Green River, Tian Ling leaves, ancient wooden boats and Cailing of men and women, so lively and elegant scene should be the theme of landscape painting of the vast. The young men and women so close to work, skin friction, ear hair on the temples, ogle, laughing, it usually will not lead to savings in the hearts of love, poetry is indeed impressive. There is a Song Qing Dynasty Shunzhi period of Xinghua poet Zhou Yu’s "Cailing song", the young men and women of pure love made bold poubai: Cailing Mocai leaf, leaf density and Qi ling. Unique Lang with a concubine, wandering all things. Cai Ling Mo flowers, as I face the high. Concubine empty flower, Lang face is invisible. Cai Ling Mo mining angle, water chestnut awn needle. So my heart always stab my thorn. Cai Ling Mo Caigen, Ling long root with water. Lang line does not abandon the concubine, concubine is willing to go with Lang. There is a song popular in the north of Jiangsu folk song "adopt the water", reading is also very warm, romantic, sweet and humorous old: "in July, August, the new married daughter-in-law to pick the water chestnut, the cabin without water chestnut flanks. Next to a ‘flat’ OK, next to a "thorn head" killed me. Damn it, it doesn’t hurt me!" This is the young married daughter-in-law spoken written, the lyrics are simple and concise, but the rich, in a phrase with a double meaning. (Baidu finishing) [] ingredients: sugar and raw chestnut, maple syrup, raw chestnut sugar (or honey); 1 steps: raw chestnut shell, cleaned, cut with a knife to the two corners, and then back to clap belly bulging several raw chestnut, black shell powder shoot after the shell. Remove the water chestnut meat, wash, drain; 2, deal with the raw water chestnut, sprinkle with sugar, pour maple syrup (or honey), mix well, you can eat. Chicago language: 1, water chestnut is difficult to shell, especially the water chestnut shell, it is difficult to have a complete water chestnut shell meat; patience; method 2, water chestnut shell, with a knife to the two corners, and the few pat raw chestnut belly, black the shell shot after the shell, with water chestnut meat surface gently wipe fingernails down.      相关的主题文章: