Medicine Is it possible to treat acne without the doctor? In fact, often there is no time to search the .petent doctor, and sometimes there are doubts: whether there are the .petent doctors capable to cure acne… What prevents to cure acne illness? Is it pessimism and hopelessness of patients, their disappointment in medicine and cosmetology and their disbelief that a visit to the doctor will give any result? Or, on the contrary, pessimism of doctors, their inability to explain to patients the essence of the problem, the scornful attitude to acne, haste and indifference? Alas, answering these questions is difficult. On this account there are different opinions: – Not all dermatologists cope successfully with this disease. But you shouldn’t forget that the basic purpose of the antiacne treatment is to get rid this disease with the least cosmetic consequences. And practically always the factor of time is important: you should begin the treatment as soon as possible with the optimal preparations according to the form of acne. Also it is very insulting, when this precious time is spent by patients for amateur performance. Only the doctor can define the necessary inspection (to facilitate the current of disease in due time) and to make an optimum .bination of all medicinal and cosmetic preparations. – Very many people with easy forms of acne will treat it independently. Also it is necessary for them to know the opportunities and restrictions of existing preparations in the struggle with acne, so that not to render irreparable harm to the skin and not to spend money in vain. Even being treated by the doctor, it is necessary to know the preparations well as many doctors treat acne, not taking into consideration that this condition is long, and that it is inadmissible to apply the methods weakening protective forces of skin (at least, it is impossible to apply them for a long time). At easy forms of acne the independent application of the .plex program on struggle with acne (if you understand well the principle of action of preparations and the pathogeny of acne) is allowable. But if the methods do not give improvement or if the condition of skin worsens, you should search the help of the .petent expert immediately. – The problem is very difficult, and not because dermatologists do not know or do not want to help… Certainly, the versions of acne are investigated rather well for today. But on the way to recovery there are many "BUTs". First, the factor of time – everyone wants at once and now, many simply do not have patience, the temptation to go to the other doctor or the cosmetician is great, and everything begins anew. Many are not capable to refuse the habits. Some patients have serious hereditary predisposition and ac.panying diseases, which also should be treated seriously. The financial side of the question is also very important (you know the prices of medicines), therefore many doctors simply do not take the responsibility to re.mend expensive preparations, knowing that the long effect is not guaranteed, and that many patients are not capable to get them. Still there are many other nuances which constantly are present and prevail both over the doctor, and the patient. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: