Everyone had their eyes on the local elections that were going to be held in Greece. There are talks that the result of the election is being casted in the form of a referendum of the future membership of the country as far as the eurozone is concerned. But is the deciding power going to wait for the results of the elections for that long. There are reports that in the past few days quite a lot of people are withdrawing money from the banks of the country and this number has been growing quite fast now. And there are chances that at that point of time when the banks will run out of money, it can happen that Greece will be forced to get out of the eurozone. And that time it is going to be of no use that in what way are the citizens of the country are going to vote. It is now not an easy thing to say that who is going to win when the result of the election will come. From the month of June there has been a polling blackout on an official level. Whatever will the result of the election be, everyone knows that any sort of a result is going to be followed by coalition negotiations of a quite a lot of days. The main question at this point of time is that will Syriza, the radical left-wing party is going to stay connected with the New Democracy which is a centre-right wing party. If Syriza does so then it is going to get an addition of 50 seats because of which it is going to be a party with 300 seats in the Parliament that is going to be the biggest party but is not going to have a majority. Syriza has taken a vow that they are completely going to make rejection of the hole austerity measures which has got the agreement of Greece in the form of rescue lender that is been given to it by the eurozone as well as International Monetary Fund that is IMF. The International Monetary Fund that is IMF as an organization came up after the Second World War so that the government can get financial backing. Since 1980s, it has been quite active in offering rescue loans to the government of the developing countries who were facing the problems of being under the burden of debts. In this crises period if you need money then apply for loans 12 month @ .www.loans12month.org.uk/ and get required funds without any problems. About the Author: Annabelle Cait an expert financial adviser, he wrote a article on loans 12 month, loans for people on benefits @ .www.loans12month.org.uk/loans-for-people-on-benefits.html, 12 month loans, 1 year loans, long term loans and 24 month loans @ .www.loans12month.org.uk/24-month-loans.html Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Finance 相关的主题文章: