Infertility will be identified as disability? The World Health Organization issued a denial of the original title: infertility will be identified as disabled? The World Health Organization issued a Beijing News News (reporter Wang Yu) today (November 1st) morning, the network transmission WHO will be defined as sterile disability ", the WHO in the certification of WeChat, said the rumor, definition of infertility has not changed, will not provide any recommendations of fertility medical service". There are a number of media recently announced that the WHO is to modify the definition for "disabled", to "long life without sex or can not find sexual partners, and people who don’t have children, qualitative for the disabled". In recent days, the news in the online heat transfer, and sparked discussion. Today morning, the WHO published an article on its official WeChat certified public number, denied the claim, clear "who did not change the" sterile ‘definition of the application, the definition of disability". The article said that the current World Health Organization’s definition of infertility "did not take any contraceptive measures often sexual intercourse more than 12 months and are still unable to achieve disease of reproductive system of clinical pregnancy, the definition is clinical description of" infertility, did not provide any advice of medical service family". WHO in the rumor article stressed that even if the "sterile" definition of any changes will also describe as clinical diseases of the reproductive system of male sterility, and will not provide any recommendations of fertility medical service. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: