In the bidding British natural gas criticized the British media: Chinese is to buy the British Sohu financial Chinese consortium bid for national Power Grid Corp gas pipeline assets auction news, by the media, September 19th sparked controversy in the United kingdom. Members have called for a boycott of enterprises involved in the media inventory, Chinese is how to buy British " ". After the Hinkley point nuclear power plant project, enterprises involved in the infrastructure construction of the British once again criticized. Bloomberg, September 18th, citing informed sources, said the British national grid has launched the auction, the sale of its domestic natural gas business will be holding the right, valuation or more than 10 billion pounds. The British national grid has information to a potential buyer, and asked the first round bids submitted before the end of September. Intends to bid for the Chinese gas, including Fosun Group and the Chinese consortium, led by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Committee led consortium and the Australian investment bank Macquarie Group consortium. It is reported that the latter also has a sovereign wealth fund from cic. According to the British "Sunday times" reported that the British National Power Grid Corp gas pipeline project the tender, involving 1100 British thousands of users, not only covering North London and England central, northwest and eastern districts accounted for one half of the British Gas pipeline. " Teresa government of China? Mei too generous, " British Conservative MP Redford criticized Germany in September 18th, the prime minister should be more strict, the London Stock Exchange is in the government’s permission to germany. He believes that the government should be based on the concerns of security factors, modify and add to the terms of the agreement, to ensure that the government can intervene in a number of foreign companies to participate in the project. " how is Chinese to buy the British ", the British "Daily Mail" in September 19th on the topic concluded that China has the maximum water supply company 10% stake in Thames Water, Chinese state oil company also operates two of Beihai’s largest oil field. For the doubts, the British Prime Minister said in response, the government has formulated the regulations on related projects, and additional safety rules in the last week, this means that in the future even if there are some foreign capital participation, it will not affect the security of the country. A spokesman for the British National Power Grid Corp, also known as ", will not question the potential bidders, who will go through the same rigorous vetting process. " it is reported that the winning bidder will be subject to the final approval of the office of the British Gas and electricity markets and the British government. U.S. "New York Times" commented that at the G20 summit in Hangzhou and Chinese leaders met, Teresa Mei said he hopes to promote trade with partners outside europe. China has a strong economic strength, is an important trading partner of the United Kingdom, especially after the European union.相关的主题文章: