Business The rockets in the first quarter has been trailing 18 points. Rick adelman said: "for we start I’m disappointed, we give air jordan 22 , plays the whole game struggled to climb out. We are the biggest problem today is attack. The offensive end too many turnovers makes rivals easily timeof fast-break points. Today players reaction is always slow clap, not to the other party in attacking exert enough pressure, makes them slow attack rhythm. In the second half we played a little better, execute tactical more firmly, once have opportunity can be caught score. But front is really lose too miserable. When a team can often layup, all the shots appear so easily. In the second half we played many strikes, but facing Dallas good teams like when, want to lead too difficult." The rockets today a total of 14 turnovers, especially in the first half, error can be found everywhere. Coach would be quite discontent: "when at the start of the game, the players need immediate into a state, the opponent doesn’t give you a lot of time to let you warm-up. I don’t know what’s the cause, but it seems that everyone in the first quarter are not in-form. Then I let second team play, situation is no change. I really don’t know what the reason for my players took so long time did not enter the game. But need praise the players didn’t give air Jordan 13 up, persistence to final. But like I said before, backward too much. The rockets in the final stage in Martin and scola under the guidance of consecutive scoring, finally douse the rockets lead hope is bariah, the Puerto Rico players throughout the 10 shots 8 rockets .pletely helpless to him. Rick adelman said: "bariah final stage play so well. The mavericks for him to design a lot of gear removed, even two or three times so much. Then, beside him left many strikers, and concentrate control reb chandler. Our defensive players haven’t been able to bypass those players to pick on bariah effective defense. This is now I have to say, I was able to read video after such a concrete analysis is what reason. Of course nowitzki, Jason kidd and terry also gives us caused a lot of air Jordan 11 ." This is not the first time the rockets were bariah played holes. As battier said, the rockets in the face of flexible when little breakthrough defense always insufficient strength. This is why facing Dallas, bariah and terry can always e-field hair MAO’s the reason. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: