Powerful intelligent bed in my bed can adjust the temperature, track sleep can massage cool: can adjust the temperature, track sleep can also massage the Tencent digital news (Rocky) sometimes you may sigh: everything in the "intelligent", or even a coffee machine, air conditioning and a mobile phone wireless remote control function is called the smart products, the threshold is too low? Indeed, the Internet boom made a large number of products in order to get lost, smart and intelligent, but ignore the attribute of the product itself, this is have the order reversed. Of course, there are some positive cases, such as Balluga smart bed, it really reflects the value of the combination of traditional products and high-tech. Balluga looks like an ordinary bed, but hidden in mystery, the mattress and integrates a large number of new technologies, to completely change people’s sleep experience. First of all, the air spring mattress unit patent, simple spring from a spherical cylinder which can change the structure by mechanical motion, brings the possibility of wireless. One of the most is a function of love, is the temperature control air conditioning system under the bed can be heated or cooled, and can set the region. The more you sleep more heat, and his wife is afraid of the cold? No problem, you can set your own lying area temperature, to achieve the most comfortable feeling. As can be seen from the test, Balluga can achieve rapid temperature regulation in 40 seconds, whether from cold to hot or on the contrary, the performance is very good. Secondly, due to the special structure of the air spring, so that the mattress can be achieved according to the body structure changes, such as the back, buttocks slightly concave, to achieve more in line with the body structure of the sleep state. Of course, you can also open the massage mode, experience the ball rolling ball. In addition, if you love the other half of snoring, but also through the intervention of air spring system, when the sensor for identifying the Balluga user can slight snoring, raised his head, to breathe more smoothly, reduce snoring. Balluga intelligence is not only reflected in the mattress, only one action sensor is installed at the bedside table, you can urinate at night around the LED night light type automatic light bed, very intimate. In addition, you can also use the phone to set the color of the night light, suitable for occasional little romance. Balluga is also a built-in motion sensor to monitor the traditional user turning condition to determine the deep sleep time. Through mobile applications, you can view the status of sleep data, adjust the above functions, set the exclusive sleep mode, etc.. What is more, Balluga support and other intelligent devices Home Furnishing linkage, including thermostats, smoke detectors, intelligent locks, lighting etc.. Obviously, such an advanced smart bed, the price will not be too cheap. It has a single, double, Queen and other dimensions, starting at $1299 (about 8660 yuan), is expected to begin shipping in October this year. Source: indiegogo recommendation: attention Tencent digital WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), take you to play all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, first-hand evaluation, video engage machine, fun to play live,.相关的主题文章: