Hui ball technology was a new round of capital game hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Hui ball technology was a new round of capital game Jing Lijuan from the backdoor to fry shell, from cattle scattered to the public offering, from capital to capital retail game player…… 9 years, ST Hui ball was all capital turns ravaged, brilliant drama. The latest progress in the capital game, the evening of September 26th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announcement that received ST Hui ball shareholders reflect Shanghai bow Sheng Network Technology Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Gong Sheng") has ST Hui ball to court, and was accepted. Shanghai Gong Sheng request the court to order Gu Guoping to return the 100 million yuan loan, Gu Guoping ordered the compensation of 1 billion 400 million yuan to Shanghai Feixun Communication Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Feixun") and ST ball Hui jointly and severally guaranteed for these payments. Second days, Shenzhen relai Jiayu investment enterprises (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as "greencare Jiayu") former partner Zhang Pei denied the prosecution’s September 27th statement in an interview, said he would send the notice of the matter, saying "it is easy to prove innocence". Back in the past, from 2007 to seven in the reorganization of the north, the health of the pharmaceutical industry (formerly known as science and Technology) is replaced by asset restructuring, business stagnation performance decline in 2014. The only high fired shell resource itself. The reorganization of the 7 7 years, not to be a ST is to suspend the listing of the North Pharma, doing nothing in the operating entity, the financial situation is not satisfactory, but the shell resource value is abnormal reverse growth, rose from 1 billion 230 million yuan to 3 billion 791 million yuan. According to the previously announced restructuring plan estimates, in accordance with the price of oil for the first time when the reorganization of the north, the overall value of the shell resources of the north pharmaceutical industry is only 1 billion 230 million yuan. By January 20, 2010, the company’s shell resource value nearly doubled, up to 2 billion 129 million yuan. After several restructuring price is also high. In July 29, 2014, Shanghai and Fiji announced the termination of reorganization, change to Shanghai Feixun controller Gu Guoping et al for additional. According to the plan was calculated at the time, the value of shell resources of the north pharmaceutical industry is about 3 billion 791 million yuan. It is worth noting that the Wu Mingxiao years as potential pharmaceutical cattle, from the beginning of 2008 has been to North Pharmaceutical Holdings, with the number of shares of 14 million shares of long entrenched in the top ten shareholders of seats. After Gu Guoping in the North Pharma, Guangxi North health Refco Group Ltd by the shareholders "abandon" the North Pharma shares once again staged reverse growth. As a fundamental and value investment and no relation to the monster, from the end of July 2014 to resume trading in June 2015, less than 11 months more than 8 times the price doubled. In the Hui Gu Guoping gamble ball technology in two years, although given increased disillusionment, but Gu Guoping continued holdings, entered the board of directors, executives big shake, three re released a smoke bomb and a series of capital operation theory相关的主题文章: