Deputy director of the Hubei Jianli County Public Security Bureau public funds was named the Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection 27 days of public exposure of 6 cases of violation of the provisions of the central eight typical problems of the spirit, deputy director of the Party committee, Jianli County, Hubei Province Public Security Bureau Gu Zhongguo violation of public funds and other issues, by giving names exposure. The circular pointed out that, after the Spring Festival in 2015, Gu Zhong Guo 4 reception classmates and friends to dinner, a total of 2160 yuan, no invoice. In May 2015, Gu Zhongguo used a product name for the computer motherboard and printer accessories, the amount of 2160 yuan of a shopping mall invoice in Wuhan County Public Security Bureau financial reimbursement, in order to rush to the preceding meal expenses. Gu Zhongguo was given a warning from the party to refund the cost of reimbursement. The person in charge of the Central Committee of the CPC points out that under the current high pressure situation, the "four wind" problem presents new forms and characteristics. These party members and cadres know that the Central Committee is not allowed to discipline and discipline, but they still go their own way, do not know whether to converge or not. Take a variety of techniques to fight against discipline and touch the red line of discipline. They must be dealt with severely. The circular pointed out, the National Day holiday is approaching, all localities and departments to strengthen the work of the deployment and supervision, strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability. For the problems found, will be severely punished; places and units on outstanding issues, serious accountability, leniency. The other five cases: 1, the original Deputy Secretary of the Hegang municipal Party committee of Heilongjiang Province, Liu Fu and other organizations, to participate in public banquet problems. In August 9, 2015, Liu Fu in the Hegang municipal government office in Harbin hosted 4 colleagues, dishes, sea food and poultry sashimi salmon and Moutai 2 bottles of wine, a total cost of 4498 yuan. According to Liu Fu’s request, the cost of the banquet was handled by the Harbin office. Liu Fu was severely warned by the party to make up for the cost of the banquet, and other related personnel were disciplined. 2, the former deputy secretary of the Party committee of Qilu Normal University, Shandong Province, Li Liangzhai and other public funds to travel abroad. From February 28, 2015 to March 7th, Li Liangzhai and others formed a visiting group to exchange colleges and universities in Germany and Austria. The College of international cooperation department without changing the route, increase in Belgium, France and other places of attractions tour, Li Liangzhai agreed. During the visit, only 1 and a half days of public affairs were arranged, and the rest of the time went to Heidelberg and Cologne in Germany, Brussels in Belgium, and Paris, France and other places. The total cost of the above activities is 170 thousand and 200 yuan, of which the travel cost is 39 thousand and 500 yuan. After returning home, the visiting group reported the false visit report according to Li Liangzhai’s request. Li Liangzhai was severely warned by the party and was relieved from the post of deputy secretary of the Party committee of the college. The members of the visiting group made up the travel expenses. 3. The Immigration Bureau of water conservancy and hydropower projects in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, the system of public affairs travel by many people. In March 19, 2015, Shen Chenggui, deputy director of immigration bureau chief of Planning Department of Wudang District Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, financial personnel Li Zhiyu Zhang Fanfang, chief of Nanming water conservancy and hydropower engineering immigration service department staff, Liu Feng Lv Qianruo, Kaiyang County Water Conservancy and hydropower engineering immigration financial audit section, he Pinghui 6 people to Fujian city of Xiamen province in selected business units training. After the completion of the training in March 22nd, Shen Chenggui and others returned to Guiyang on the 27 day in Xiamen, and the accommodation fee was reimbursed in the unit. Shen Chenggui, Li Zhiyu, Zhang Fanfang and He Pinghui were punished separately by the party; Liu Feng and Lv Qianruo were punished by administrative warnings respectively. The responsible per capita returns the travel expenses. 4 Hainan, deputy director of the CMC Oriental Overseas Chinese economic province Li Xiuqin, overseas Chinese farm rubber processing plant of former director Wang Jianping couple lavish wedding son problem. In January 20, 2016, Li Xiuqin and Mrs. Wang Jianping applied to the Municipal Overseas Chinese Economic Zone Management Committee to apply for their son’s wedding banquet. They applied for 10 tables in January 31st. On the same day, Li Xiuqin and Wang Jianping arranged their son’s wedding banquet at the Grand Hotel and a happy Plaza, respectively. The number of the hotel table was 10 tables, the number of the celebration square tables was 29 tables, the total 39 tables, the illegal gifts were 38 thousand and 900 yuan. Li Xiuqin by the party a serious warning, administrative demerit, Wang Jianping subject to administrative demerit, the longer its appointment as overseas Chinese farm rubber processing factory, accepting illegal gifts confiscated. 5, Jilin Province, Liaoyuan Mining Group pump limited liability company chairman Wang Renqing, former party secretary of the discipline committee Bi Yuan Bo violations bonus issue. From 2013 to July 2015, the pump industry limited company extracted funds from the company’s education funds in the name of training, giving bonuses to the team members and some department heads and staff members, and paid 141 times, totaling 166 thousand and 800 yuan. Wang Renqing and Bi Yuanbo know that the payment of bonus in the name of training fee is not in accordance with the regulations, but it is not stopped in time, and I also take part in the bonus. Wang Renqing and Bi Yuanbo were severely punished by the party, and the funds were collected in violation of discipline. (reporter Zhao Bei) central repeated why not blocking some public funds in the mouth?

湖北监利县公安局副局长公款吃喝被中纪委点名中央纪委 27日公开曝光6起违反中央八项规定精神典型问题,其中湖北省监利县公安局党委委员、副局长顾忠国违规公款吃喝等问题,被点名道姓曝光。通报指出,2015年春节前后,顾忠国4次接待同学、朋友就餐,共计2160元,均未开具发票。2015年5月,顾忠国用一张品名为电脑主板和打印机配件、金额为2160元的武汉某商场发票在县公安局财务报销,以冲抵前述就餐费用。顾忠国受到党内警告处分,退交违规报销费用。中央纪委有关负责人指出,在当前高压态势之下," 四风 " 问题呈现新的形式和特点。这些党员、干部,明知中央有要求、纪律不允许,但仍我行我素,不知止不收敛,采取多种手法顶风违纪,触碰纪律红线,必须受到严肃处理。通报指出,国庆假期将至,各地区各部门要加强工作部署和监督检查,加大监督执纪问责力度。对发现的问题,一律从严查处;对问题突出的地方和单位,严肃问责,决不姑息。其它五起案例:1、黑龙江省鹤岗市委原副书记刘福等人违规组织、参加公款宴请问题。2015 年8月9日,刘福在鹤岗市政府驻哈尔滨办事处宴请4名同事,菜品有佛跳墙、刺身三文鱼等和2瓶茅台酒,共计花费4498元。按照刘福要求,宴请费用由驻哈尔滨办事处处理。刘福受到党内严重警告处分、补交了宴请费用,其他相关人员受到相应纪律处分。2、山东省齐鲁师范学院党委原副书记李良斋等人公款出国旅游问题。2015年2月28日至3月7日,李良斋等人组成访问团,赴德国、奥地利进行院校交流。该学院国际交流合作处擅自变更路线,增加赴比利时、法国等地的景点游览行程,李良斋表示同意。出访期间,仅安排1天半公务活动,其余时间赴德国海德堡和科隆、比利时布鲁塞尔、法国巴黎等地景点游览。上述活动费用共计17.02万元,其中旅游费用3.95万元。回国后,访问团按李良斋要求上报虚假出访报告。李良斋受到党内严重警告处分,被免去学院党委副书记职务,访问团成员补交旅游费用。3、贵州省贵阳市水利水电工程移民局系统多人借公务差旅之机旅游问题。2015 年3月19日,乌当区水利水电工程移民局副局长沈成贵、规划科科长李智宇、财务人员张帆芳,南明区水利水电工程移民局业务科科长刘锋、工作人员吕倩若,开阳县水利水电工程移民局财务审计科科长贺平惠等6人到福建省厦门市参加单位选派的业务培训。3月22日培训结束后,沈成贵等人在厦门市游玩至27日返回贵阳,并将游玩期间的住宿费在单位报销。沈成贵、李智宇、张帆芳、贺平惠分别受到党内警告处分;刘锋、吕倩若分别受到行政警告处分。相关责任人均退交了旅游费用。4、海南省东方市华侨经济区管委会副主任李秀琴、华侨农场橡胶加工厂原厂长王建平夫妇大办儿子婚宴问题。2016 年1月20日,李秀琴、王建平夫妇向市华侨经济区管委会申请操办儿子婚宴,申请桌数10桌,时间为1月31日,地点为东方市某大酒店。当天,李秀琴、王建平分别在该大酒店和某喜庆广场操办儿子婚宴,其中大酒店酒席桌数为10桌、喜庆广场桌数为29桌,合计39桌,违规收受礼金 3.89万元。李秀琴受到党内严重警告、行政记过处分,王建平受到行政记过处分、不再聘任其为华侨农场橡胶加工厂厂长,违规收受礼金被收缴。5、吉林省辽源矿业集团泵业有限责任公司原董事长王仁清,原党委书记、纪委书记毕远波违规发放奖金问题。2013年至2015年7月,泵业有限责任公司以培训授课名义从公司教育经费中提取资金,给公司班子成员及部分科室负责人和职工发放奖金,累计发放141人次,共计16.68万元。王仁清、毕远波明知以培训费名义发放奖金不符合规定,但未及时制止,且本人也参与领取奖金。王仁清、毕远波分别受到党内严重警告处分,违纪资金予以收缴。(记者赵贝) 人民网 中央三令五申为何堵不住一些公款吃喝的嘴?相关的主题文章: