Elder-Care Teenage is a period when a child goes through many things at once. This adolescence period comes with lots of changes, lots of confusion and lots of curiosity. The child suddenly faces many changes that are going in his or hers body, physically and hormonally. If he or she does not get enough guidance from elders like parents and teachers then they become very confused about the changes going on with their bodies and accept whatever misinformation is given to them. As they are unaware of the real facts they believe in anything which can satisfy their curiosity. The most common problem with teenagers which almost all the teenagers around the world face is not being understood by elders. When a child goes through the phase of being an adult from a child, he or she tries to understand this phase and wants to take decisions like an adult. But elders around them, mostly parents are not able to accept the fact that their baby dolls and champ is now growing up towards being a mature person. He or she has an individual identity of their own and they want to nurture it the way they want to. With help of family counseling Austin you can sort out this problem and improve it through conversation sharing doubts and beliefs of both the sides. Teenage girls become very emotional during this phase. It is mostly because of the hormonal changes occurring in their bodies which they are not able to cop up with. Anything that happens around them if changes a little bit, they start feeling unsecure about it and become very emotional. The situation becomes worse if the change includes losing a loved one who was very close to them. They may start eating without thinking about the calorie intake or the ill effects associated to some foods. This uncontrollable eating can lead to various health issues like obesity, nutrition deficiency or stomach disorders. You should try to solve this problem through the help of teen therapist Austin. Some girls who are a little over weight can take their situation very seriously and can leave eating anything. When they see themselves surrounded by skinny girls in school, can affect them mentally and lower down their self confidence. Once the self confidence becomes low it can affect their performance at school in academics or any other field in which they used to excel. You can sort out this problem by taking help from Michael Kelley Austin of kelleycounseling.com. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: