UnCategorized Acorn Squash received its name because of its resemblance to an acorn. It is available in different colors like green and gold. The standard variety of this crop possesses a green skin and a flesh that is the color of orange. The golden type of acorn squash possesses a skin that is the color of yellow and a flesh that is the color orange. It is also considered as one the most nutritious vegetables that can be placed on your table. It also possesses high vitamin content and healthy enzymes. The squash’s unique flavor is also used to garnish other dishes. It can also be used as an ingredient for different kinds of desserts. The short preparation time needed in preparing this vegetable has contributed to the likability of this winter crop. HOW TO PROPERLY COOK AN ACORN SQUASH This crop is usually cooked with its skin intact because its unusual shape makes removing its shell very difficult. After that, divide the squash into two with the help of a sharp knife. You can pierce the skin in different places so that you will have an easier time slicing it. Place it for two minutes on high heat inside the oven. Let it cool for a while before cutting it to pieces. Slice through the end of the point of the stem. Do not cut it on its diameter. Take out the vegetable fibers and seeds from the middle portion of the squash before preparing it. BAKING OPTION Before baking your favorite vegetable, use a knife to cut its skin different places. Place it carefully on the middle of the baking sheet. Bake the acorn squash in three hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit inside the oven for about one and a half hours. Let it cool for some time before squeezing the sheet carefully to check if it is already cooked or not. You will know that it is done when you are able to squeeze it gently. Divide it in half and remove the remaining seeds. You can know serve the dish in your dinner table or set aside to use in other viands. ROASTING OPTION Before roasting it, carefully divide it in half and remove the seeds. Put the two parts on a ribbed sheet use for baking with its flesh facing upwards. Spread melted butter oil to its flesh. Use pepper and salt to flavor it. Pour melted brown sugar syrup or juice over the acorn squash. Remember to turn it over the baking sheet to roast it evenly. Roast it in a four hundred degrees Fahrenheit temperature inside the oven for about forty to forty-five minutes. Cooked it until it shell is brown and the inside portion is soft. You can use a fork to check if squash’s skin is already soft. Let it cool before removing the skin. MICROWAVE OPTION Divide the vegetable into two portions and remove the seeds. Place it carefully inside a microwavable container that has a cover. Do not place H2O inside the container. Cook the dish for thirteen minutes on high heat. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: