How to choose fair cup? The most complete history of the Sohu and fair justice cup cup, drinking with ancient Chinese porcelain products. A man or the central league leader, in a hollow ceramic tube, pipe holes through the bottom of the cup; the upper tube is equivalent to the height of the old mole chest (or dragon jaw). The head body and the cup bottom connection is provided with a hole in the cup, to the water, if the water level is lower than the porcelain pipe is, water will not leak; when the water level exceeds the water through the porcelain tube is Water Leakage hole in the bottom of the cup light. This leakage cup, the Han folk called "justice Cup", according to the principle of physics siphon. A fair cup of wine is the most reasonable, when the wine can only be shallow flat, not too full, otherwise, the wine will be missed in the cup, a drop left. Tea Fair cup, also called evenly divided tea cup. Tea table, tea into the tea equally to each cup, sublimation to the spiritual level inherited the spirit of "justice". Also known as tea, tea cup cup fair. With a fair cup of tea, each cup is divided into tea as much as to show equal treatment. Effect: Justice cup is the role of uniform concentration, tea soup color and aroma observation. For a more graphic explanation, we assume this time period for a total of 5 seconds. So, the first seconds out of the tea, the tea must be older than fifth seconds to light. Because equal to fifth seconds out of tea than the first seconds out of tea soaking time more than 4 seconds. It is the meaning of justice cup uniform concentration this first to fifth seconds between the tea. Reasonable cup press material can be divided into the following categories: Justice cup are commonly used in porcelain, purple sand, glass texture, the fair cup of porcelain and glass texture is most commonly used. There are some cups of tea, some are not, and there is a fair glass with a strainer, but most of the fair cups are not filtered. 1, class 2, Yixing pottery pottery is made of clay or clay by kneading forming after firing. Pottery has a long history, in the Neolithic age has seen a simple rough pottery. 3, porcelain as a fair market to occupy a fair cup, the benefits of porcelain Fair cup is easy to observe the soup color and not easy to absorb the taste. 4, Mai Fanshi stone is a kind of natural silicate minerals. Stone and have certain biological activity of biological non-toxic and harmless compound mineral or medicinal rock. The effect of Maifan stone: jiedusanjietang; Qufushengji; in addition to the cold dampness; liver stomach; blood stasis; diuretic fossils. The stone of the taboo: 1, stone is a volcano eruption in the process of rock, absorb various minerals and rocks and the composition of the minerals, so stone inevitably contains sulfur compounds, sulfur will volatilize slowly in the water, and the odor of gas, so try not to soak a long time Maifan stone. 2 trace elements, the stone of the need to release high temperature close to three hundred degrees, average temperature of trace elements in Maifan stone release is very small, and will not give a clear feeling. But although the slow release of trace elements, but there is definitely a network of health相关的主题文章: