How serious is the disclosure of personal information? One year Pirates of the Internet users about 90000000000 yuan –IT– people’s original title: how serious is the disclosure of personal information? A "stolen" go Internet users about 90000000000 yuan on 26 August, Xinhua news agency, Shanghai (reporter Zhou Lin) Internet era, accompanied by leakage of personal information of citizens the consequences of eye popping. China Internet association "Chinese protect the interests of Internet users report 2016" shows that nearly a year’s time, 688 million domestic users caused by spam, fraud information, personal information leaks and other economic losses estimated up to 91 billion 500 million yuan. The network of illegal access to personal information of citizens is increasingly rampant, involving the identity information, phone number, home address, extended to the network account and password, bank account number and password, shopping records, travel records, and the formation of a "source of middlemen, illegal use of" black industry. Leaking of institutions, service agencies and personnel related to individual enterprises to participate in the more subtle, and through technical means of attack, hit the library or the use of phishing sites, malicious Trojans, free WIFI, APP technology become an important means to steal leakage. Since April this year, the Ministry of public security to carry out combat deployment remediation network infringement of citizens’ personal information crime special action, as of July the national public security organs has cracked more than 750 criminal cases, arrested more than 1900 suspects, seized more than 230 information, clean up illegal and harmful information of more than 35.2, shutting down the site, more than 610 columns. Shanghai City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps detachment two deputy commander Xue Yong said, criminal gangs have a lot of phone cards and bank cards, shows the operator of the real name system is not fully implemented, there may be some illegal employees involved in crime, rent-seeking. There are also banks issuing flood, real name system is not implemented, the banking network in the foreign transfer funds such as the lack of constraints decomposition phenomenon, these are the root causes of telecommunications fraud rampant. The industry believes that the law should increase the intensity of punishment, improve the relevant judicial interpretation. At present, our country does not have a special personal information protection law, the relevant provisions of the existing laws are too broad and vague. Now use the network telecommunications fraud crime should be more standard perfect electronic evidence of relevant judicial interpretations, "help information network crime crime" should be strengthened, increase accountability efforts, applicable law. (commissioning editor Zhu Chuange and Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: