Elder-Care I remember, when I was a kid, I used to wait for my birthday every year. Then I would get a new dress, and many presents for my birthday. I loved the cake and many more delicacies to eat. Then my friends would .e over for the birthday party, and I would show them the shiny new toys that Ive got as gifts, and we all used to play together. In the last 25 odd years, things have changed. Now kids like dressing up every week to go out with friends or family. The specialty of having a birthday is waded off. Now its only about giving the most expensive toys to the kids. Birthdays of poor children But there is a section of society which still deals with the birthdays, in a very different way. These are poor children. These are kids living in slums or on the streets. They also should feel special on that one special day. Shouldnt they? This is why we at the Relief India Trust celebrate birthdays for these poor kids. We may not be able to celebrate for everyone on the exact day, but we at the Relief India Trust chose one day in a month where the birthdays of everyone born in that month are celebrated. Celebrating a birthday A simple gesture, but the smiles that we get in return are absolutely priceless. Thats why we all love the day when this is done. All our volunteers pour out to help decorate the place; people get the cake, the balloons and all the work revolving around a birthday. The children are specially brought in on that day and then told as to why they have been called. The children who are celebrating their birthdays, get new clothes, toys and so on. All this .es, of course, from our donors. They are the ones who make it such a success. After that we all sing songs for the kids and then play games together. The children, as you can imagine be.e really happy. They probably have never celebrated their birthday so far, and this was the first time they did. All the work that we at the Relief India Trust do is not for any financial gain. We do it for the smiles that we get from people who we help out. You can also contribute This smile is what gets us going and making us do more in life. We live to make them happy and that is all we expect when we arrange any of these events like birthday celebration for poor kids. Anyone who is interested can join us on that day and can be.e part of our efforts and can share the smiles we get. You can volunteer in any way on that day, no gesture is too small. Like I said the only reason we do it is for the smile and you will also feel that thing in the heart, what you get when you see someone genuinely happy by the gesture that you have just done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: