Hot enough to Yan value? Various small SUV counter attack tactics inventory – Sohu [Sohu] car car new car in the past near the Chengdu auto show, there are a lot of new car market or first, which SUV models listed attracted the attention of many viewers. Seemingly prosperous SUV market, the sales of its internal subdivision models have changed dramatically. The presence of high growth in the SUV trend, once the fire was in a complete mess of small SUV but slowly lost vitality. So many brands have the use of equipment, replacement and other forms to enhance the competitiveness of their products, so that the heat reduction models, sales return to the fast lane. Here we take a look at these have been listed and the forthcoming listing of small SUV have what counter attack tactics. Summary: through various inventory small SUV market performance in 2016, the joint venture brand has a huge user support, even in SUV the overall market downturn, still maintained a steady growth, models including Honda Zhiwa XR-V, Buick ang cora. The recent changes and the new independent brand models, although the appearance and configuration in the unceasing progress, the price is constantly improved, but limited to vehicle users accumulation is relatively weak, can not keep up the momentum. Therefore, a successful SUV is not just a sales competition, we should pay more attention to the reputation of users, accumulate the number of users, constantly can do sales changhong.相关的主题文章: