Hongkong actress Denise Ho sun and Darai photo was denounced for Tibet "- Sohu news   recently, Hongkong actress Denise Ho on a social platform drying out the photo and Darai called" self, he also took back a kiss for me". The move was criticized netizens: collusion "Tibet independence" forces, the intention of secession. Denise Ho for support accounted for in the movement, meeting with the Darai Lama by the boycott, its endorsement of the international skin care cosmetic brand Lancome one day twice issued a statement, and draw the line, but issued a statement, for security reasons, cancel the original cooperation with Denise Ho’s concert. Some analysts said the incident led to the parent company L’OREAL Lancome group evaporated at least 2 billion 500 million euros of about $18 billion 500 million. There are comments that, due to the "Tibet independence" together lead to "public wrath", "fans" spontaneous boycott example than Denise Ho. The American rock band "magic red" China concert was canceled, Sharon Stone is removed in their endorsement advertising, China "fans" image is also plummeted. Lancome after the incident, Denise Ho said "no big corporations dare to touch me, you have to fear of being implicated in the social networking platform", initiated by the public to raise financing for the concert. "Global Times" published an editorial that, these events around the Denise Ho show, Chinese mainland public awareness of yourself as having a great influence on market forces, they will "eat rice China hit Chinese pot" of domestic and foreign artists. In relation to the fundamental interests of the country to Hong Kong alone, the attitude of users on the Tibet, showing a high degree of consistency. Denise Ho again at this time a high-profile drying out with the Dalai Lama group photo, there may be further angered users, was more violent resistance to. For performing arts with the Darai group "interaction", the Tibet Autonomous Region Party committee secretary Wu Yingjie said that the fourteen Darai Lama defected, engaged in separatist activities, become a destructive development and stability of Tibet people. Some artists regardless of how much impact, for what purpose, and as long as the Darai group to contact, and even help them to send some of their other thoughts, we are firmly opposed to it, we also hope that the artists should be responsible for their own behavior.相关的主题文章: