"High school friend QQ help junior boys cheated 5000 yuan living expenses – Beijing in the Shenyang Junior Boys Zhang met a thing: the best of my high school classmates with QQ sent a message that a classmate suddenly fell ill and was admitted to the hospital, need money. Has always been willing to help people in accordance with the tips of the students, 4 points with a total of $5000 WeChat turn over. But he did not think that this was a carefully orchestrated scam. In October 13th, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter to interview about this sequence of events. High school students QQ sent for help, he and I have been the best students, did not think anything else!" Zhang told reporters that he came from Shaanxi, a well-known university in Shenyang read large. On the evening of 11, his QQ tone suddenly sounded, familiar with the picture shows that it is the best friend of high school small east. On the QQ, the two of you I speak a word. The other words revealed eager, said he was a classmate suddenly sick, was rushed to the hospital, you need to pay a deposit of 5000 yuan. "That’s my best friend, and the friendship between him and me, like me and you, I can’t stand by!" The other said that he immediately turned to the sick classmate WeChat to 1500 yuan, and the transfer of WeChat screenshot sent to Xiao Zhang, but also hope to be able to help small zhang. Four pen to students 5000 yuan high school friends hearing these words, Zhang does not sit. In particular, to listen to the small East said that the money is used to help, after the parents of the students will certainly be the first time the money will come over, Xiao Zhang at ease. In particular, to see the small east sent over the transfer screenshot, has always been kind he decided to act immediately. The sick classmate of WeChat called the spring breeze, I gave him the first transfer of 200 yuan in the past, the pen and turn the past $1300." Zhang recalled, but the other said is not enough, do good words, ask Xiao Zhang can turn over. Due to face, Zhang and two times the WeChat transfer, a total of 5000 yuan before and after the transfer. However, the other is still a little further increased request to transfer some money. The students said QQ was hacking at this time, only 6 dollars a small WeChat account. "I feel a little out of place." Zhang immediately try to contact small east. After the phone open, small east Zhang told his QQ number stolen, "my classmate in the hospital" event is It is sheer fiction. Hearing the news, Zhang learned cheated, he tears. "It is my parents save 5000 yuan, one-time before school for me, is my one semester living expenses!" He said that due to the family’s economic situation is not good, for the whole family is 5000 yuan is not a small expenditure, fear of parents know that after the fire, so far he kept his parents. After the first time, I chose the alarm." Zhang told reporters, fortunately, the students have to lend a helping hand to help him survive the storm. Here, he would like to remind everyone in their own experience: beware of network scam! Related news Shenyang universities have issued "campus warning" aimed at social network fraud Yang相关的主题文章: