Hierarchical B and then start the roller coaster mode holders mostly retail Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Guangzhou daily news (reporter Wu Qian Wen table) recently, A shares fell by the impact of 3150 failed, again to enter the shock pattern, in the meantime, although the overall market decline of less than 1%, but chase grade B investors once again sit on the "roller coaster", grade B share fell 80%, part of the decline of over 8%. The first half of the disclosure of the semi annual report yesterday showed that in the classification of B shock ride in the roller coaster is mostly retail. Commission revealed that the fund is currently being investigated to improve the regulatory arrangements. In this regard, the industry suggested that should strengthen the alert, set the threshold for access to hierarchical B. Grade B Kai "roller coaster" mode "I engage in the first half of all new shares, earnings of 45%, then a month before IPO adjustment also escaped. Last week the big line came out, and went in, and then fell to now, spit out 8%." A private equity fund who told reporters that they had survived the second new adjustment, has tied up in grade B share fund, "bought Jiangsu bank and securities, financial B B, fell every day." Transaction information display, back to 3000 points in August A shares after the reproduction of grade B leverage has been silent for a long time, a lot of money market hunters weapon. Flush iFinD data show that as of August 23rd, since August, the price of grade B in the two grade market average rose 5.63%, more than 90% reported up. Among them, the real estate B rose during the period of nearly 45%, real estate B, real estate B, financial B and a B increase is also more than 15%. (see table) however, if it is involved in grading B near 3100, investors are likely to sit on a roller coaster". Since August 16th, A shares fell by the impact of 3150 failed, less than 1% of the overall market decline, according to flush iFinD statistics, more than 146 grade B data in 80% follow the market decline, of which 33 grade B fell more than 5%, among them, B, 300B, Shanghai and Shenzhen liquor bank B, defense B and B based securities fell more than 8%. Investors do not know risk "grade B grade B share has leveraged properties in the market volatility is larger, higher risk appetite of investors, will choose the tool to win excess returns, but the risk classification of specific features of B, has not been fully aware of some investors, the blind operation easily lead to short-term losses." Senior market participants pointed out. It is noteworthy that the first semi annual report released yesterday revealed that such a high volatility, with leveraged fund products, but it is the world of retail. According to the annual report, the first half of the largest investment in the card holder structure refers to the securities company index in the brokerage B share, individual investors get together, 87.25% of the share held by individual investors, institutional investors accounted for only 12.75%. The low risk of brokerage A share, the proportion of institutional investors相关的主题文章: